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Crafty Break!!


I have been doing quite a bit of crafty things the last few weeks and thought y’all might like to see some of those things.

And thus, this weeks post shall be crafty and not Stargatey.

Hopefully this won’t disappoint peeps too much. I’m really excited about the UV resin and polymer clay crafts I’ve gotten into and wanted to share cause it’s fun!

Here are some pics of my work!!

I have 2 more diamonds cooking, they’ll take way longer than the pictured ones did because I used an obscene amount of black acrylic paint to color the resin (it came out faster than I thought it would).

I’m not so keen on the bezels though it might be because of the type I used. I’ll be trying open backed ones soon to see if I like that better.

The diamond mold I bought makes 3 at a time and is by far my favorite thing at this point! Some of my creations have glow in the dark pieces in them and are amazing!

Unpainted Christmas buildings/started with yellow!

The plaster for these was the EXACT same color as my white paint so I really only painted over mistakes instead. Why waste the paint ya know?

Polymer clayke! (See what I did there?)

I made this from a kit my sister bought me from Barnes and Noble. It’s part of the ‘Tiny World’ craft series by Odd Dot and its great!

As you no doubt can see, there are specks in my clayke. I didn’t know the rules when I did this and so I didn’t have anything between my clay and table. Apparently there are certain materials (glass and tiles were mentioned on YouTube) that should be used to keep dust and such out of the clay.

I have several other things I’ve done that I’ll share later. There’s (supposedly, I haven’t tried yet) a way to make molds using a hot glue gun that work with both resin and polymer clay.

We shall see.

I’ll see everyone next week when Atlantis heads back to Pegasus!

Stay bright my peeps!

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