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StALeR 4 – Legacy: Homecoming (Part 4)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Homecoming Part 3

SGA #16

ISBN: 9781905586509

More character development, but a little more subtle cause two of these peeps are dancing around each other like you wouldn’t believe.

Okay, so last week we got to see what Rodney and Jennifer were up to right? Because I wanted to set the next book up and give ya’ll an idea of where these two’s relationship was going and if it would last.

This week however, we’re looking at the rest of the team.

Rodney and Jennifer aren’t the only ones dealing with relationship issues. Even though they aren’t officially a couple, we all know that Shepard and Teyla have had chemistry for quite some time.

I know, I know.

Teyla had a child with another guy and was interested in this dude a few seasons back.

However! Turns out that she and Kanaan were lovers, but not in love.

Teyla talks to Rodney about it and explains how and why she and Kanaan got together and that it was about comfort. When she found out she was pregnant it changed things because of course Torren should know his father, but they weren’t like that so…

Awkwardness ensues.

As in cringeworthy.

But that’s later, for now-

We get to see scenes where Shepard is taking care of Torren while Teyla is working with Mr. Woolsey, and just generally being around when she needs anything.

There is awkwardness here too because, just like with Rodney and Jennifer, they believe they’re stuck on Earth for good. And if that’s true than there’s no reason they shouldn’t be together right?

Except that neither of them is sure what the other wants and, even though Teyla isn’t afraid to share her feelings, she is hesitant now because of how she thinks people view her because she isn’t actually married to Kanaan but has his son.

I think that she has reason to be concerned that people would judge her, but I don’t think it would be anyone who actually matters. As in the IOA may try to use it against her, but her team and the majority of SGC peeps wouldn’t have a problem. I know there’s a stigma to being a single parent and it’s worse in some ways for women but her fears on this matter seem more like an excuse.

Just a me thing!

She’s so confident and sure of herself the majority of the time, but now that she and Shepard could actually be a couple the sudden awkwardness and weirdness gives it a more realistic feel.

Shepard, of course, is dealing with issues that are making it easy to not talk about what could be. His situation is different from the rest of the team because Ronon and Teyla can go back to Pegasus via the George Hammond, Rodney and Jennifer were very much welcomed to Area 51’s team and the other Marines and personnel are seamlessly integrating with SGC.

Shepard, unfortunately, has had a few run ins with General Landry (remember when he stole a Jumper and disobeyed direct orders?), General O’Neill isn’t talking to him at all and he can’t join the Hammond’s crew because he outranks Colonel Carter’s second but is just shy of being her equal.

So dealing with his feelings isn’t the most important thing (and Teyla understands but she isn’t one to put up with stupid for long without calling you out on it) but he definitely used it as an excuse too because there were times that they could have talked and dealt with things but didn’t.

Those two. I swear!

Anyways, we have one more peep to mention quickly cause he didn’t get too much face time in the first part of the book when they were on Earth.

Having said that, Colonel Carter asks him if he’d like to join her crew as an independent contractor. It would get him back to Pegasus, and fighting the Wraith, and no one else has offered him another option yet.

The scene is fantastic because Carter asks him what he was before he was a soldier. Apparently, Ronon was in school to be some kind of scholar? Maybe a teacher is the better translation, but the Wraith attacked and we know the rest. Ronon respects Carter and appreciates that she sees there’s more to him than just muscle and agrees to join her crew.

Relationship wise, the end scene of season 5 has our peeps standing on a balcony looking out at the water of San Francisco Bay and we see Ronon standing with a woman.

We have met her before, don’t worry. The writers didn’t just randomly throw some woman into the mix so the team was all paired up.

Amelia Banks has been around for a bit and in a particular episode she does a round-house kick (I think that’s what it is) and takes out a bad guy. Ronon sees this and is impressed (pretty sure it’s because he hasn’t seen that fighting style before) and thus the ‘possibility’ of a relationship is set forth especially after the whole Jennifer thing doesn’t work out.

I’ve seen where people weren’t too happy about this supposed ‘sudden’ relationship but you have to remember that there was still a chance for a movie at the time and possibly even more than one if not another season. The writers could have easily meant for those to be the pairings.

Since they couldn’t, we have this absolutely lovely Legacy series!

Amelia shows up a bit more in the series and there’s stuff I want to mention, but it’s later and I don’t want to ruin anything so we’ll just call it good right here.

Just shy of a thousand words again, thank you all for reading another review and I shall see everyone next week!

(I may be interrupting the regular posts to add crafty ones as I’ve been quite busy on that front and have almost completely emptied my ‘in-progress’ craft box. Much success!)

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