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StALeR 3- Legacy: Homecoming (Part 3)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Homecoming Part 3

SGA #16

ISBN: 9781905586509

Can you say ‘character development’?

A wonderful thing, character development, it gives us a chance to see people at their worst, best and everything in between. All so we can decide whether we like them or not. All so we can change our minds about people we didn’t like in season 1, but end up adoring because of that one episode in season 3.

The character development the authors get to do is nothing short of amazing. Staying true to the established characters and who they were, while also thinking of who they would choose to become is hard to do but its been done here.


Rodney McKay.

We all know he was a pain in the butt, know-it-all at first, but we got to see him grow throughout the series and the authors keep it going here and in the rest of the books (I REALLY want to tell you guys about the next book and what happens but I can’t because book one is so full of amazingness that you can’t miss it either. Just know that it’s amazing and epic and you will love it when I get to it…or before if you’ve already read it).

Rodney doesn’t like a lot of what’s been happening since they landed in San Francisco Bay. It seems that the IOA doesn’t want Atlantis to return to the Pegasus Galaxy at all and that won’t do for our resident genius.

Unfortunately, its not McKay’s decision to make and when the IOA decrees that Atlantis is to be dismantled, it’s the last straw and he walks.

His girlfriend Dr. Keller leaves as well.

Since Atlantis won’t be going anywhere, there isn’t a need for medical personnel anymore and Area 51 has a position open. Being in a relationship is hard enough with the usual problems, but Rodney and Jennifer have had to deal with galactic issues and life or death problems as well.

(I know that some people don’t like this pairing because they claim it ‘just happened’ but ya’ll need to remember that it was established that they started seeing each other in the episode where they, and Carter, fall into the mine. The one where Rodney proves to them he’s more than just an egotistical and self-absorbed person.)

Since the two of them have been dating for months now, they decide to get an apartment together and end up getting a kitten as well.

Cute right?


Nothing is perfect. Getting an apartment together and even the kitten was all really a bad idea. In my opinion, and it’s alluded to in the book, even they aren’t sure why they did any of it except that it was what was expected of them to do (or what they thought was expected of them in any case).

When the call comes that Atlantis is leaving Earth immediately (months later) Rodney is ready and completely willing. Keller on the other hand isn’t so sure. They left for a reason. A very good one too and now Rodney is ready to just let things go?

Keller isn’t so sure she wants to go back to working for people who would be okay with experimenting on a person. Even if that person is an alien that has to kill humans to survive. There’s also the fact that she’s never felt like she’s been enough for the people who call Atlantis home.

Rodney just assumes she’s as happy about Atlantis returning to Pegasus as he is and it causes a little bit of tension when he realizes she’s not as gung-ho as he is.

Keller does decide to go back, but you can kind of see that things between them is tense and not as stable as they’d like to make themselves believe.

I think that they both jumped into the moving in together thing too quickly as a way to cope with their lives changing so drastically in such a short amount of time.

In Pegasus there was danger, but a lot of it was on a bigger scale so why decide to move in together when they were already happy with their own rooms and could meet up whenever they wanted?

On Earth, there’s a sense of finality and I think it contributed greatly to their jumping into things. The further away from any decision they’d make in Pegasus the better.

It was time to move on with their lives and they’d do it if they had to fight every inch of the way.

We can all see that things are not going to go as planned with these two.

And it’s great!

That’s the end for this week’s review. I like that I got to talk about both Rodney and Keller and their relationship here because it’s super important to their character development. They’re cute together, but are they a forever kind of thing?

We shall see.

Before I say goodbye for now, a note to give you hope on Atlantis returning to Pegasus (even though we know already it’s a fun bit tossed in to make things exciting and let us know O’Neill has our back!)

An interesting moment, before Keller leaves Atlantis, is when Dr. Beckett asks for some of the supplies and machines from the infirmary. Since he’s planning on returning to Pegasus with the George Hammond and Colonel Carter, he’d like some items to help him with medical needs in the galaxy.

The list has almost every piece of Alteran machinery and the majority of other supplies too.

This is a sneaky thing and you can thank General O’Neill for it.

Till next week peeps.

Be a Light!

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