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StARe 19 – Hunt and Run

Alrighty peeps, we are almost to the Legacy series which means we have 20 episodes and two books until then.

What I’ve decided to do since both ‘Hunt and Run’ and ‘Brimstone’ can be read anytime between Season 5 Episode 4 and Season 5 episode 16, is to randomly insert them into the middle of the last season as equally distanced as possible (this will also make it easier to catch ya’ll up without separate posts for it).

Both books are good reads and I wish I could be more specific in placement, but you’ll understand why that’s not possible once you’ve read my posts and the books.

The best information I can give for when to read them is based on the fact that Woolsey is in charge and Teyla has had the baby in the books. Also, considering what happens closer to the end of Season 5, there’s a point where I don’t believe they’d still be going on such missions which is how I chose the last episode to read them by.

I’ll be highlighting my favorite episodes between the books so the post won’t get out of control.

And now, the second to last post before the Legacy series!

Episode 6: The Shrine, is a must watch with FULL Kleenex box! Rodney gets infected with a parasite that makes him lose his memory over a few weeks, with it getting worse the longer it goes.

The one person he never forgets though is Sheppard.

It’s a really hard episode, but ends so beautifully you guys will love it!

Episode 8: The Queen, Keller thinks she’s created a retrovirus that will make it so the Wraith won’t have to feed on humans anymore and so they go to their old friend Todd to get test subjects.

Changing her appearance to that of a Wraith Queen, Teyla pretends to be Todd’s Queen. Since Queen’s don’t negotiate with non-Queen’s, Todd needs her to get close to the Primary so that she can be convinced to order the alliance to take the new retrovirus.

Of course, Todd has other plans that Teyla isn’t too happy with when she finds out.

Now, this is one of those rare episodes where there’s lots of Todd (which I love!), and we get to see more about the Wraith. However, it’s also an episode where Teyla orders dozens of Wraith to their death because she’s mad at Todd, in a fight they have no chance of winning. If it weren’t for Sheppard in a cloaked Jumper, they never would have succeeded.

She also threatens Todd in the end. I’m sure thinking she has the upper hand when in actuality Todd no doubt has countless back up plans in place to keep the damage minimal.

For being a peacekeeper/negotiator type person (as we’ve seen throughout the series so far, her behavior here is obviously fueled by her hatred of the Wraith. The issue is that it blinds her to reality and she honestly would have died if not for Sheppard’s save.

Season 5, Episode 9, Tracker

This episode is a good one to watch before reading ‘Hunt and Run’ because it brings us in contact with another Runner. We already knew that there were others out there but have never met any before now.

When the Runner kidnaps Keller to force her to help a little girl he’s been caring for, Ronon and Rodney must track find them before Wraith Hunter’s do.

The clock is ticking.

Stargate Atlantis: Hunt and Run
SGA #13
ISBN: 9781905586448

I will start by saying how absolutely disappointed I was with the cover for this book. CLEARLY, Todd is on the front, which made me believe he was in the book… he wasn’t. He was used when a random Wraith would have done better.

Dishonor on whoever made the cover. And dishonor on their cow for good measure.

Okay, I’m done. Onto the actual review.

We’ve never really gotten a chance to get to know Ronon Dex. We get glimpses every now and then into his past, but it’s nothing too in depth. This book changes that.

Though a soldier in the Sateedan military (which is why he was picked to be a Runner in the first place) Ronon didn’t have the skills to survive on his own as a Runner which is where the other Runner’s come in.

An older Runner finds him and teaches him valuable skills before bringing him to a secret bunker to be part of a team called the V’rdai.

For the first two years he has a kind of family. A team to work with as they hunt the Wraith, keeping close enough that the trackers in them cancel each other out.

Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when their leader, already paranoid after so many years, orders them to kill a group of travelers who stumble into a classic ‘bait the Wraith’ trap they’ve used countless times.

Ronon believes such actions make them worse than the Wraith because the Wraith kill to survive. The leader isn’t forgiving of what he sees as Ronon betraying the V’rdai and with the others not backing him up, Ronon pulls a trick and escapes.

For five years he survives on his own until Sheppard, Teyla and Rodney show up on the same planet as he, looking for Ford.

The rest should have been history, but now the team is in danger as they’re stranded on a planet with a damaged Jumper and being hunted by the V’rdai.

Ronon tells Rodney his history as they hide in a cave and plan to rescue Sheppard and Teyla.

In the end, Ronon can’t kill his old friends and offers to help them if they want, but he won’t be a part of them again.

This one was vastly different from the others as it focused on Ronon for a good three-fourths of the book. As I’m not necessarily a big Ronon fan, it’s not my favorite but definitely a good read for those who like him and want to know more.

One of the things I liked is the part where he splits from the V’rdai because of their actions. The fact that he also considers such actions to be worse than the Wraith says something about him as a person.

There’s no doubt that Ronon, of any of the team including Teyla, has a right to his hatred of the Wraith, but this and other things he’s done lead me to believe that, though he will never stop hating them, he may be able to get past it and live.

That’s all for this post, see you next week for the last post before Legacy (and more Todd I hope)!

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