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StARe 20 – Brimstone

Here we are. The last post for the Stargate Atlantis watch and read along reviews. It has been wild and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Hopefully, ya’ll will stick around because of course, though the TV series ended at five seasons, the Legacy series continues the story and I am completely excited for it. Also dreading that it will be way different than what I want to happen, but that’s not stopping me at all.

Enjoy this last, for next week things change!

Episode 10: First Contact. This episode is pretty cool because Todd gains control of the Daedalus, yet doesn’t hurt anyone (that’s mentioned anyways, but I feel like they’d mention it as it would cause friction in the alliance with Todd).

Which just shows how devious he is. With the option of never having to rely on humans for food, it wouldn’t be advantageous to alienate his allies.

Now, another thing revolves around the destruction of his two Hive ships. As Commander, he would have to be in contact (mentally of course) or at least aware of the other Wraith at all times up until the moment they all die.

I can’t imagine that would be anything less than devastating. To have so many lives simply disappear. Blink out of existence.

The fact that he remained in control despite his hatred of the Attero Device (a monstrous creation of the Alteran Janus), and the hundreds if not thousands of Wraith who were just slaughtered, says a lot about him.

Also, this episode literally tells us that he was alive during the war with the Alteran’s which would make him older than ten thousand years old.

Season 5, Episode 15, Remnants

In the midst of a review by the IOA on how Mr. Woolsey is doing, a device is activated and the artificial intelligence begins to manipulate key members of Atlantis.

Including Mr. Woolsey.

While Sheppard is seeing Kolya and under the impression he’s being attacked and tortured by his hated enemy, Woolsey is seeing a beautiful woman who seems to just want to get to know him.

Between the two, the day is a not so good one.

The decision to be made is whether to divest the mysterious device of its information, or to send it on to its target so it can seed the world it was intended for all along.

On the one hand, the knowledge it possesses is immense and extremely valuable.

On the other, what’s contained inside is the last of a race. There is no other chance for the race to survive.

In the end, despite great pressure from the IOA representative, Woolsey does the right thing and gets Daedalus to drop the device off where it belongs.

The funniest, and best part, of this episode is at the end when we find out that Rodney was being manipulated as well. The AI was making him see Zelenka and using their natural banter and competitive attitudes to get Rodney to search for and work on the device.

If you’re squeamish you might want to be careful of this episode. At one-point Sheppard thinks his hand is cut off. There’s nothing graphic, but it is an ick thing.

And now, the last book review for Stargate Atlantis before the Legacy series (again, I threw this one in here at this point because it didn’t have a specific place to read it. It’s up to you where you read it, but this place works quite well because we are close to the season finale and things will heat up soon).

Stargate Atlantis: Brimstone
SGA #15
ISBN: 9781905586202

When a moon suddenly changes course towards the systems sun, the team go to investigate what’s happening when records show it used to be an Alteran city.

Sure enough, it’s the exact opposite of Atlantis in the sense that the people there decided not to pursue ascension, but to live as decadently as possible. With gladiator type battles, music, dancing, and other pursuits being found on Admah, who would want to leave?

Not that you have a choice.

Anyone who comes through the Stargate is trapped as the gate will no longer allow that address to be dialed again. Thanks to a change in the system itself done by the leader of Admah. The only choices are to join as a citizen or fight as ‘entertainment’.

Sheppard and the gang are not happy about this, especially since the people have been alive for so long that dying is the only thing they believe will alleviate their ennui.

The moon is heading straight for the sun by choice, not accident, and our team is stuck.

Rodney is able to get a message back through to Atlantis telling them to be ready to pick them up from one of very few addresses that isn’t locked out. Now all they have to do is survive and escape.

With a little help from a native, they manage, but not until both Teyla and Rodney are put in the ring and the others are led to believe they’d died.

(I mean, after defeating a dragon and being thrown through a wall I can understand why they’d think Rodney was dead)

Rodney manages to get Teyla free from where she was trapped under the corpse of the monster she defeated and gets her to the Gate in time for Sheppard to see them and keep it open.

They’re not out of the woods yet though because the planet they end up on is a Wraith controlled one and they have to get the Gate dialed while being shot at.

It’s a good thing they have so much practice at it ya know?

This was an interesting book. Plenty of action and moments of, ‘cool’, but there was a random character with our group that I honestly don’t understand why. He supposedly was a new technician with a photographic memory that used it to help, but in all honestly they would have been fine without him.

Not to be mean here, I enjoyed the book, but considering who is on the team and what they’ve been through up to this point, the dude was just awkwardly there. Not really doing anything and not important enough, I think, to have been on the mission in the first place. But that’s just my opinion.

Well, that’s it ya’ll. Next week will be the first of the StALeR (Stargate Atlantis Legacy Reviews. Pronounced more like ‘stellar’) posts and I can’t wait!!

See you there!

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