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StARe 18 – 11 Episode Catch Up (it's not that long I promise)

Alrighty, so another catch-up post, but since there’s so many episodes left and only two books, I’ll try to keep them short this time.


Season 4, Episode 9: Miller’s Crossing

When Jeanie is abducted from her home one night, McKay comes to Earth to find her.

Needing help with the nanite programming, McKay has been talking to his sister and blames himself for her abduction.

When he’s captured by the same man, the siblings are forced to work on the nanite program to save the man’s daughter who has terminal cancer.

Rodney, understandably, doesn’t believe the man will let them go when they’re done with the program and tries to get them out. The attempt fails and the father injects Jeanie with the malfunctioning nanites.

Things are far more than desperate when Sheppard finally saves the day. Rodney alone can’t fix the programming and needs some extra help.

Starving, Todd works on the program until he physically can’t stand anymore.

Sheppard is able to convince the grieving father to sacrifice himself so that Todd could complete the work.

And he does (not that he gets any actual points for that).

Jeanie is saved!

Season 4, Episode 10: This Mortal Coil

Replicators made faux humans?!

In this episode we find ourselves supposedly on Atlantis, but our team isn’t so happy with how people have been acting lately.

A group of replicators still believe they can ascend and recreated our team to try and find out how to make a soul. The one thing they don’t have that they think will let them ascend.

When Oberoth discovers their location, he destroys the city (which makes the Seer’s vision come true from a few episodes ago).

The replicator Sheppard’s team is able to get away and meet with the human Sheppard’s team to give them some very important information. The teams are weirded out, on both sides, but are determined to work together.

When the replicators track their location once more, the replicator Sheppard and his team sacrifice themselves to save the others.

Season 4, Episode 11: Be All My Sins Remember’d

Todd and Rodney are back at work on the nanite programming because things are much worse. Even though the Asuran ships can be tracked now, they still have the advantage of making countless more in a very short amount of time.

Both Apollo and Daedalus have new weapons that can destroy the ships quickly, but the Asuran’s fall back to their homeworld (strength in numbers and all that).

Rodney has an ingenious idea to end the replicators once and for all.

However, in order to complete his plan they need to take out about thirty Asuran ships.

They only have two which means they need extra help and the Travelers don’t have enough so guess who they ask for help?

The Wraith!

An alliance between Wraith, Atlantis and Travelers.

With the additional help of a new replicator android Rodney made to assist them, the new fleet goes to battle.

This ends with few casualties and Todd escapes.

All in all, a good day.

Season 4, Episode 12: Spoils of War

Uh oh.

So, remember last episode when Todd escaped? Yeah, well during the battle over the Asuran homeworld he sent Darts down to retrieve a few presents.

Three ZPM’s! (presumably fully charged too) and quite soon we find out what he stole them for.

Back during the war, the Wraith were losing. That is until they were able to steal ZPM’s from Alteran ships and use them to power a cloning facility.

Todd’s plan was to use the facility to make warriors so that he could get the upper hand on the other Wraith in the galaxy.

Unfortunately, Todd is betrayed by one of his crew and is taken prisoner by a rival Queen who plans to use the facility for her own purposes.

Our team must find a way to destroy the facility and get themselves out alive too.

Possibly, they should have been a little more careful because Teyla decides to take over the Queen’s mind and does so in front of Todd. Can you say ammunition for later?

(everyone is fine and they all escape, including Todd)

Season 4, Episode 13: Quarantine

The city goes into lockdown and we spend the episode following different people who are stuck as they try to find a way to make the city disengage the quarantine.

Sheppard climbs the outside of the control tower, while Rodney is stuck in a botany lab because he’d planned on proposing to Katie.

Carter and Zelenka are stuck in a transporter together and Keller and Ronon are in the infirmary.

The system is messed up and starts the self-destruct thinking a disease has breached quarantine.

Zelenka saves the day by climbing through ventilation shafts to the power room and shutting everything off in the nick of time!

Everyone is fine, except for Rodney who realizes he isn’t actually ready for marriage. It’s the end of his relationship with Katie, though I believe they try to go back to the way things were before.

To his credit, Rodney realizes he has problems and I think he didn’t want to saddle Katie with them because he could end up destroying her.

Season 4, Episode 14: Harmony

Sheppard and Rodney are coerced into taking a young princess on a journey to ancient ruins where she will prove she’s worthy to rule.

The trip takes a turn when the Genii shows up and try to abduct the princess, but when Sheppard takes some of them out, they go from abduction to kill on sight.

And with a monster in the woods between them and the ruins, turning back is the best option.

Until it isn’t.

Going forward is the only way and reaching the ruins gives them hope when Rodney recognizes it as a testing site the Alteran’s used to create the Drones.

Mini Drones are unleashed, and the Genii are sent running.

The young princess is confirmed as Queen and all ends well.

(there’s even a painting done to commemorate the heroes actions!)

Season 4, Episode 15: Outcast

When Sheppard’s father dies, he goes home for the funeral and gets far more than he anticipates when a woman comes to him needing help.

Apparently, a scientist was working with nanites and created a replicator. Unable to control it, and not smart enough to have programmed it right, the replicator escapes. Killing people along the way.

Tracking the replicator takes time and along the way they find out that the woman who’s helping them is also a replicator.

In the end, they stop the one that’s killed and are able to trick the female replicator into an artificial environment where she will stay for as long as they can keep her there (hopefully forever).

Season 4, Episode 16: Trio

Rodney, Carter and Keller fall into a mining shaft on their way to convince a settlement to move to safer ground.

Finding a way out is not going to be easy and both Keller and Carter learn a few things about Rodney’s character that they never would have thought possible from the arrogant genius.

Also, Rodney gets pretty badly injured saving them which goes a long way to changing their view of him.

(I know it doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s really good and has humor and all the feels!)

Season 4, Episode 17: Midway

Interviews by the IOA to see if non-Earth members of SG teams can stay, go about as well as can be expected, until it’s Ronon’s turn.

Fearing Ronon won’t be able to get through the interviews without losing his temper, Carter calls on an old friend to come and coach him.

Teal’c arrives and is happy to help, but when he meets Ronon their personalities clash in a big way.

Being forced to travel to Earth together via the Midway station pushes them further until something more than their animosity makes them allies.

Wraith have found a way to infiltrate the gatebridge and use it to get to Earth.

Teal’c and Ronon must set their differences aside to defeat the Wraith and save Earth.

These two are so dang funny together because they’re so alike, but they do get along after this…well, they at least don’t dislike each other so much.

Season 4, Episode 18: The Kindred Part 1

First of all, Todd is back and ya’ll know how happy that makes me!

Todd wants Atlantis’ help with finding a cure for the Hoffan drug that’s made a reappearance.

The Athosian’s have been missing for close to six months now without any hint of their fate when Teyla begins to have visions of her baby’s father, Kanaan.

Tracking down clues takes time and puts Teyla in a dangerous position.

Michael is up to his old tricks again.

Or perhaps he never stopped?

In any case, Teyla is captured because Michael wants her baby. The baby is the product of two parents who come from the ones experimented on by the Wraith so long ago. They both have what they call ‘the gift’.

Baby is a special thing.

But not as special as the gift we get at the very end of the episode!

Season 4, Episode 19: The Kindred Part 2

Carson is back!

You’d think it’s a good thing but there’s something wrong and with Teyla still missing, our team is having a rough time.

Carson is a clone that Michael made to help him with his research. But with the memories of the real Carson Beckett, Atlantis is willing to trust him to a point.

Finding the planet where the Athosian’s are being kept almost gets them Teyla, but Michael manages to escape with Teyla.

Carson is put in stasis to keep his cells from degrading further until they can find out how Michael was keeping him alive.

Season 4, Episode 20: The Last Man

When going through the Stargate, Sheppard returns to Atlantis, just not the one he knows.

A solar flare interfered with the wormhole and sends him several thousand years into the future.

Atlantis is no longer in use and hasn’t been for a very long time.

A hologram of Rodney explains what’s happened and what it’ll take to get him back home. Along with information about Michael and what happened after he disappeared.

Sheppard has to stay in stasis a little longer until another flare occurs to send him back home.

Which happens and the episode ends in a cliffhanger as they go to the planet Teyla will be brought to have her child and inadvertently engage a self-destruct.

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