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StARe 17 – Nightfall

Almost halfway through season 4 and we get to see Todd again!

To catch everyone up on a few key details you’ll need to know.

The war between the Asurans and Wraith isn’t going as well is it had to begin with. The Wraith have started to help each other and slowly, the tide is changing once again.

There’s a group of space faring people called the Travelers who have hyperdrive capable ships who have managed to evade the Wraith this long, but population control is becoming an issue. Sheppard is most gracious and lets them keep an Alteran Aurora class ship.

New Athos was found completely emptied out and at first Teyla and Dr. Keller think it’s the Wraith. A fact that a man claiming to be a Genii spy seems to confirm for them. Problem is, that’s not what happened and so for several weeks Teyla has had no idea what’s happened to her people.

Which brings us to this episode and Todd!

Season 4, Episode 8- The Seer

There are people whose leader is said to have the ability to see things, including the future, and Teyla and the gang go to see him in the hopes he’ll have an idea about what happened to the Athosians.

Since Rodney is, understandably, skeptic, the man shows him a vision of the team being taken captive by the Wraith.

Back on Atlantis, Carter gets word from another team that after a culling, a second Wraith Hive showed up asking the humans to relay a message to their Atlantian friends.

The Wraith has valuable information and wants to meet.

It is, of course, our lovely Todd! (looking quite healthy I might add)

However, the team isn’t so trusting and takes him captive.

According to Todd, the replicators have started to target human worlds in an attempt (successful too) to diminish the Wraith’s food source. After verifying he’s telling the truth they decide to ‘trust’ him.

I say that with an incredible amount of sarcasm.

He’s kept in a cell and only let out to help with getting the replicator coding changed back so that the attack code can be shut off. Presumably this would stop the Asurans from their current course and send them back to their home world.

Obviously, ya’ll know I’m a Todd fan and so even though I can see where the expedition is coming from in terms of safety, it’s pretty hypocritical (especially of Carter who’s had firsthand experience) for them to treat Todd like a prisoner when the SGC has allowed Gould and other enemies onto Earth.

On several occasions.

They’ve worked with several former and current enemies for various reasons, though most revolve around destroying a common threat. So the situation is nothing new.

Todd was banking on the fact that the expedition wouldn’t want to leave the humans of Pegasus at the mercy of the replicators. Since the Wraith are the lesser of two evils, working with them makes sense on a temporary bases.

Now, I think I’ll keep a tally of both sides and what each loses from this point on in relation to when they work together. I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but it’d be cool to see if I’m right and that Todd did his best to stay away from the expedition members in case he needed/wanted to work with them in the future.

No sense in eating potential allies.

(also, I feel that their treatment of him ends up being like the Genii. Not sure if Sheppard see’s the parallels, but something to keep an eye on too)

And now onto another book!

Stargate Atlantis: Nightfall
SGA #10
ISBN: 9781905586141

A mysterious sickness is plaguing a planet and Dr. Keller would like to help them even though the reason the team is on the planet to begin with is because of Wraith activity.

The Wraith have sent multiple scout ships to the planet and each has ended up being destroyed. Atlantis would like to know why the Wraith are so interested in the planet and how they’re being destroyed.

Unfortunately, the people are having something of a problem with their leaders’ opposing viewpoints. One leader believes the Aegis will continue to protect them as it has for so long. Another believes they should be questioning the Aegis’s purpose as it takes people and returns them sick.

When Teyla and Ronon are taken by the Aegis, Sheppard is not pleased when the leaders refuse to help him.

Leaving Rodney and Keller in the village he gets reinforcements to search.

Then loses Rodney and Keller when one of the leaders abducts them.

Put in the middle of what could end up being a civil war, Sheppard has enough when he’s lied to and raids a hospital instead of the bunker he’d been told it was. He leaves the people to their own devices and goes back to Atlantis for a Jumper.

While Sheppard and Rodney go about the search, Keller tries to find an answer for the sickness, but is only able to determine what it is.

It’s inert nanites and for a bit it’s considered if the Asurans are behind the sickness, but the technology is too different.

Finally finding the Aegis ship after a firefight (and losing their Jumper), Sheppard and Rodney enter only to find something incredibly familiar about the inside of the ship.

Meanwhile, Teyla and Ronon have already tried to escape, finding starving Wraith in a cell along the way then almost getting themselves blasted into space.

Ronon is infected with the nanites and starts to fall ill.

When Sheppard and Rodney find them, they confront the beings and things change immediately.

The Aegis is the name of the ship, and it’s Asgard.

The Asgard Fenrir was banished for five hundred years after an experiment went wrong and destroyed six inhabited planets. A hyperspace pause to recalibrate landed him in the middle of Wraith ships which he destroyed but not before massive damage was done that left him stranded.

Unable to survive outside of the stasis pod, Fenrir simply wants to go home so his people can help him.

Except that they’re all dead.

To keep the Milky Way replicators from gaining access to their technology, they committed mass suicide.

It isn’t something they want to tell him, fearing how he’ll take it.

While aiding in repairs, a Wraith Hive appears with a Queen and they take the planet. Unable to fight back or mount any kind of defense leaves Fenrir with little option but to send the ship into hyperspace and get to safety.

The Queen, so she says, isn’t interested in the planet. She only wants the Aegis and the weapon onboard that can harness a star and create a blackhole (this would be what got Fenrir in trouble in the first place).

When the Queen calls a truce with Fenrir she tells him about his people being gone and about the Pegasus replicators. Since Fenrir wanted revenge for what the Milky Way replicators had done to his people (why he created the weapon to begin with), that the expedition had kept the existence secret was not good.

In the end, Fenrir decides that he is simply too tired of war and tells the Queen this.

In response, she blows herself up and does too much damage to the stasis pod for Fenrir to survive.

A few things ma peeps.

The Asgard are really cool. If you haven’t watched the original Stargate series, than you should because the Asgard are awesome if only because they don’t treat humans like complete morons (looking at you Alteran’s).

As opposed to just about every other advanced race SGC has encountered, the Asgard not only share their technology (they are selective which is totally understandable and have left massive loopholes open for our peeps to exploit when the need was great) but are the reason Earth has spaceships. The fact that we can adapt just about any race’ technology to suit our needs and to interface with our level of technology impresses them.

I loved this book even though it was a little hard to get through. Not because of the writing style itself or the plot, but because I could see what was going to happen and was excited and didn’t want to wait.

Definitely worth the read, (when have they ever not been?) and I can’t wait to see ya’ll next week!

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