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StARe 16 – Angelus

This is a cool episode because we don’t really know that much about Sateeda in the sense that Ronon’s memories of the place aren’t so good considering what happened. Also, any interactions with other Sateedan’s to this point have been…not so friendly, if you recall.

Stargate Atlantis Season 4, Episode 3: Reunion

Teyla and Ronon head to a planet where rumors abound about a small group of people calling themselves Sateedan’s and bragging about their many, many Wraith kills.

Arriving, they do in fact find two men and a woman in a bar who are Sateedan. In fact, small galaxy that it apparently is, they were part of Ronon’s squad before Sateeda was destroyed.

They were some of his closest friends and he thought they’d all died.

Ronon wants to bring them back to Atlantis because they say they have a plan to destroy a Wraith lab where the Wraith are trying to find a way to turn the attack code off in the Asurans.

Samantha Carter, now the leader of Atlantis since Weir’s ‘death’, says no. It doesn’t have anything to do with Ronon in particular as Atlantis is on a new planet and no one knows its location. It’s a safety thing but he takes it the wrong way when the veiled threat arises that if he wants to leave, he may be considered a threat to Atlantis’ safety and have to be taken care of.

It cannot be easy for him, but he decides to return to his old friends and help them fight the Wraith.

Sheppard and the rest of the team go along to help with the destruction of the Wraith lab and to make sure their friend is okay one last time.

Unfortunately, things are so not what they look like.

Ronon’s Sateedan friends are Wraith worshippers and take Sheppard, Teyla and Rodney hostage to force Rodney to shut the attack code off.

When Ronon finds out about the betrayal, he pretty much loses it.

In Sateedan fashion, they fight each other with Ronon against the three others. The woman is killed by one of the other men before Ronon kills him soon after, but he never wanted to hurt them in the first place so let’s the third one go.

He returns to Atlantis, heartbroken at what’s happened but glad to be back with his friends and new family.

I wonder if he questions Sheppard, Teyla and Rodney’s friendship after this though. Wondering for a time if they’ll betray him too.

Stargate Atlantis: Angelus
SGA #11
ISBN: 9781905586189


Okay, this book was really, really, good, but also really, really, gross with the visuals.

Consider, if you will, an Asuran replicator that’s part human.

Not particularly gross on the surface but think about how they got that way. It ain’t pretty ya’ll.

Essentially what happens is that the Apollo rescues what they think is an Alteran fleeing the Asurans and brings the guy back to Atlantis.

He seems nice, if a little strange compared to the other Alteran’s they’ve met before, but he knows how to make a weapon that will destroy both the Wraith and the Asuran’s which means his value is immense.

The IOA (hate them) decides that Angelus is to be given anything and everything he could possibly desire to make the weapon, and make it clear that if Atlantis has to be sacrificed to either enemy faction to achieve this goal, than so be it.

Carter and a few others have a bad feeling but can’t place it. Trying to stall only works so long before they run out of excuses and Angelus is allowed to work unhindered.

Which is a big problem.

The Asuran’s wanted a way to quickly replicate more of themselves in battle situations. So if one got aboard a Wraith vessel it would be able to ‘eat’ certain materials and make more of itself in the absence of its usual non-organic building blocks.

Theoretically a genius idea, except for the fact that they ‘eat’ living things to accomplish this goal.

Several people are devoured by an abomination that needs their tissues and flesh and organs to make more of itself. The descriptions are very well done and even though you can see where it’s going you can’t look away from the horror.

Presumably, the people eaten don’t suffer long, but there’s no way to really know. Just like there’s no way to know if they keep some semblance of awareness during that time.

Both Atlantis and Apollo have to fight their own versions of the creature and do so successfully, but not until they’ve hit and gone over their limits. It’s hard on everyone and some expedition members decide to leave for good because of the trauma (don’t worry, none of our peeps leave).

I adored this book because it was very well written, suspenseful and the twist at the end was fabulous!

I appreciated how the author chose to make Angelus a tragic character and not just a villain. The authors are all doing a really great job with that aspect where you think you know who the villain is, but a lot of times things aren’t that clear cut.

This book, though disgustingly creepy in description (I loved it!), was a fabulous read and I can’t wait for the next book which should be ‘Nightfall’.

See ya’ll next week!

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