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A little Atlantis and a little crafty!

There are these comics that are set right after the ending of the show, but I don’t consider them canon if only because the Legacy series doesn’t either.

The artwork isn’t my style but the story wasn’t bad.

In these comics, an alien race starts invading Pegasus and the Alteran Janus shows up again. Things don’t look so good for our Pegasus family (don’t forget that Atlantis is on Earth or on the moon at this time) until Todd (Guide!) helps them out.



I think we’ve lost count of how many times he’s saved our butts… a rewatch is in order!

Anyways, turns out these aliens were made by (who’s really surprised by this?) the Alterans.

They’re defeated of course and everyone goes on their merry way to live happily ever after!

It’s not bad honestly, I just like Legacy better because of how they handled Guide being stuck on Earth and how they got Atlantis back to Pegasus.

Legacy feels more realistic to canon, is all.

On to crafty!

When I went to reorganize my small boxes I found the soap I made from the kit looking a little fuzzy?!

I have no idea what this is. I threw it away just to be safe. I hadn’t planned on using it of course, but I pulsar have minded keeping it for my tiny collection.

Oh well.

Where I left off so many years ago!
Finished product!

It’s light and not very defined because I didn’t understand I was supposed to use 2 threads to get the brighter colors.

I like it though. I like that I’m finishing so many crafty things I’ve let pile up over the years. This year is fabulous!

Remember this one?

I finally got all of the thread undone and it’s a clean slate again. Just waiting for me to make that first little ‘x’!!

I’ll see y’all next week!

Have a fantastic week until then!!

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