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So exciting! I’ve gotten 2 big cross stitches done!!

This one needed the entire boarder done, the lettering and half of the wheelbarrow finished. It doesn’t look like much but this is the largest of the big cross stitches and it took me a good bit to finish it.

This was almost started. I had the line, corner and double lines on the right side done and that was it. I didn’t think it would take long because so much was just 1 color or another, but it ended up taking a good couple of weeks anyways.

I’m working on a ‘started’ one at the moment, I just need to finish a fairy and outlining, but thought I’d show this one too today.

In cross-stitch you should start in the middle because that will make sure the entire thing fits properly on the fabric.

You see what I didn’t do?

I think this was one of my first ones and my mama told me to start in the middle, but I didn’t. I’m currently trying to undo the threads do I can start over.

Counting the already started one, I have 3 big ones left to do. I also have 2 small ones again because I found the pieces for one that I actually used the design and thread for a wedding gift and then my sister gave me one because she can’t do that kind of work at the moment.

I also have my figures needling to be painted still, but I hope to get to some of that the next couple of days.

That is all for now because I have a few things to do before bed. I’m wanting to get my room rearranged tomorrow!

Till another time!

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