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Never doing that again…

I am back!

A few Christmas’s ago I got several small craft kits and never got around to them until now. One was a soap kit and another an eraser kit.

We’ll get to the soap kit another time, but the eraser kit was not unlike the clay kit I did a long time ago.

It begins

As you can see the process is almost exactly the same. I had to knead the dough before use (though it seemed easier this time) then shape and decorate.


You all see what they’re supposed to look like? Never managed that. At all.

A villain perhaps?
Always fun watching multiple colors turn into one!
I don’t know how they got it thick to put the face on the side. My brother thought it was a strange matcha pizza…
The best of the attempts

There are more pictures, but I have to get up early to get the oil changed in my car so I’ll leave it in this high note!

Till next week!

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