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Crafty vacation!!

I had to take vacation time before I lost it June 1 so I took off for family trips and then just random.

This last week was the random and the reason I didn’t get a post last Monday was because I was awake until 2am Monday and then 4am Tuesday working on revising and editing my short story.

I got it done (heck yeah!) and now have the line edits back to work on this week.


Because it was vacation I planned, and somehow stuck to, getting a bunch of crafty things done.

You all know I love crafty things, but you may not know that I have a closet (and then some) full of craft supplies I intend to do but have never gotten around to doing.

Small steps!

I have one small box sitting next to my table that has in-progress crafts and I told myself I couldn’t buy any book re-binding supplies until I finished the box.

So I worked on small crafts last week and will be sharing pics the next couple of posts.

The beginning!

The cute ‘Let it Snow’ cross-stitch was one of the in-progress ones I had. I literally just needed to do the snowflakes and I was done.

The end!

‘Let it Snow’ again and the completed ‘Buzz’. ‘Buzz’ wasn’t opened, but I did put the small cross-stitches in the box too because they shouldn’t take long.

Next week I’ll show you the eraser kit I did!

See ya!

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