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Short story?!

Good morning!!!

A while ago I may have mentioned that I’d signed up and taken an online writing course. It was fabulous and helped me a lot in understanding story structure.

I have, of course, continued to get the promotional emails sent to me and usually ignore them because of my jobs (I wouldn’t have time anyways), but since I’m quitting my part time job I decided to read the latest email.

They are doing a short story course where they will be giving feedback for every step of the process!!

This is the news I said I was thinking about last week. I wasn’t sure if I’d go through with it because it’s $900ish, but you can get $200 off if you submit before a certain date.

For what I’d get out of the course it’s worth the money, and I’m pretty positive I’m at least an intermediate writer (you have to be intermediate or higher to get accepted) so I should be good.

My plan is to fill out the application tomorrow and pray.

I feel really good (to over use the word) about it though because it seems like a God thing for this opportunity to drop into my lap just when I’ll have the time to do it and when I’ve got my card paid down enough that it won’t be a decision between what bills to pay.

They also offer a payment plan and since my monthly payment is so much smaller than two years ago….


My mother suggested a particular short story that I’d done years ago for a convention contest and I like the idea so plan on using it.

I have other plans for this coming year but I’m still working on them. I’ll let y’all know when I know.


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