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A little Atlantis and a little crafty!?

I got lost watching clips of Atlantis on YouTube again and saw the one where Rodney got superpowers.

The clip itself was when he asks Ronon about the scars on his back and then heals them.

I bring this up because the character growth of Rodney between Stargate and Atlantis is wonderful and so well done. This particular moment really shows that growth.

However, it’s interesting watching it again because of what happens after he gets turned into a Wraith.

Obviously, Ronon didn’t kill everyone with the weapon, but his reaction to Rodney is pretty dang heartbreaking to begin with. Add in the fact that I’m pretty sure Rodney has saved Ronons life more than the other way around and things just seem to get worse.

I could always keep track of who saves who this time around…

Of course, I’d have to reread the books again to get an accurate account.

Oh darn.

Anyways, on to the crafty!

My family is full of geniuses (we’re obviously related to McKay) and I am working on reformatting my room with the end result being more bookshelves!

I have a loft bed because I wanted a little more space, but my book collection was big to being with and even though I’m not keeping a lot of books anymore, I still have my favorite authors.

My idea was to move my bed in front of the window. This would still leave me with sunlight so I can do crafty things. However, my mother pointed out some problems with that (mostly the lack of headspace under my bed) and so I considered moving my bed to in front of my closet instead.

I consulted with my sister (who is way more spatially aware than I) and she concurred it would work.

I am already working on the closet itself since I haven’t gone through everything in several years (quite a few clothes are heading out!), and my brother agreed to help me take the doors off when I was ready.

A nice set of curtains will separate my closet while still giving me access to it with my bed in front. Best part is I can totally have a reading nook under my bed!

I am SO excited about this. It’s probably due to the fact that I’ll actually have time to do it now that I’ve handed in my notice at my part time job. Last day is the 31st and I am stoked!

I have other tentative news, but I’m waiting until I actually decide either way. But I’m also excited about that stuff too!

Until next time!

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