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StALeR 61 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 11)

I like Vala. She was a good addition to the SG-1 team and good for Daniel.

In this particular book we get to see her doing a little of the work only she can do. The way she thinks is different from even Teal’c and that’s what made her a good fit for them.

Vala has nothing to do while the battle continues against Death. Woolsey, not really meaning anything by it and probably only saying it as a wish anyways, tells her to find McKay.

She doesn’t of course because he’s already flying the puddlejumper toward the Sun to destroy Hyperion’s weapon.

She does, however, find a knocked out Sheppard.

Waking him isn’t too hard and the plot continues.

Sheppard goes on to pilot Atlantis and Vala wanders off somewhere to do something.

I’m almost 100% sure when SG-1 returns home there are several artifacts missing from Atlantis.

Unfortunately I would have to either watch all of SG-1 or pick out the specific ones where Atlantis and SG-1 intersect to find more such moments of Vala helping Atlantis out.

I could…but I feel that would take me away from Legacy too long.

It is something to think about though since I’m working on getting the books for SG-1.

It’s short, I know, but next week we’ll be jumping into the next book, ‘Unascended’, so be ready!

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