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StALeR 60 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 10)

Hear me out.

O’Neill and Guide.

They’re both considered ‘consorts’. They’re both older than the others. They’re both warriors. And they’d both do anything to keep their people safe.

Would they be friends?

Honestly, I think they’d get along very well. Friends? Maybe not that, but they would definitely get a kick out of each other’s company.

If only because they’re so wonderfully devious in their own ways you know?

I mean, Sheppard and Guide are friends (I don’t care what anyone else says!) and O’Neill handpicked Sheppard for Atlantis so you know he likes the man.

And Sheppard likes Guide, which means-

O’Neill and Guide would get along just fine!

I’m basing this on my own opinion (of course), but also on the interactions between the two in this book. There aren’t many, but I get the feeling Guide respects O’Neill.

O’Neill, as always, gives what he gets.

Guide decides to be sassy, O’Neill responds in kind. Guide gives one of his toothy grins and O’Neill is right there with one of his own.

I would have loved to read more between the two (as always!), but what I’ve got is fabulous and I enjoy and laugh at it every time!

(You’re gonna laugh I promise!)

Consider the dynamic between these two old consorts and let me know what you think!

Ciao till next time!

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