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StALeR 44 – Legacy: Secrets (part 9)

A little different this week because something hit me today that pushed other post ideas to the way back of my mind.

Jeannie is knitting while waiting for Rodney to wake up from his surgery.

What she’s knitting isn’t really important so much as what she’s using as ‘yarn’.

It’s a wool-like fiber that comes from a goat-spider type thing. Obviously native to Pegasus, there would certainly be ramifications if she brought it back to Earth.

It got me thinking.

One of the premises of the series (the whole thing not just Atlantis) is that going through the Stargate can net some advanced technology for Earth. Throughout the series we see how advancements are made in the medical and technological economies using tech brought from other worlds.

It explains how technology has jumped so far ahead in such a short period of time.

With that in mind, what if it’s NOT just tech and medical stuff brought through? What if they are trading with other worlds or personnel are simply bringing things back (intentionally or not) and it’s getting out into the world?

Consider the blackest black color that was ‘found/made’. Wouldn’t it be more likely that it came from another planet? One that had different methods of making paint based on their local flora?

What about new ways of making fiber for clothes? Or a more efficient way of gathering solar energy? Or a ‘new’ plant discovered?

Human ingenuity, to be sure, but from what planet?

I like this thought a ton so figured why not make a post about it.

It can’t all be advanced technology this and miraculous medicines that. With so many people who go through the Stargate it would make complete sense that other things came back with them ya know?

That’s all for this one! I’ll see everyone later and have a fantastic rest of your week!

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