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You won’t believe…

Subtitle being – ‘why there’s no post this week!’

Sorry y’all, but it is kind of a funny story.

A few days ago I get a call to come pick up my mama and sister for their hair appointments. Mind you, I was asleep at 10:15am (give or take) because it was the first day I didn’t work both jobs and I needed the extra sleep.

Me, being confused but happy to help, go to pick them up and I am thus told about the nail in my sisters tire.

I get them to their appointment on time (amazingly enough) and go about my day as usual.

Now, yesterday I worked at my second job which is the godawful early morning one. When I’m done I’m driving home and my car indicates a tire needs the air pressure checked because it’s low.

My first thought?

Oh heck no!

My second thought (because what would the chances be?) is that the changing temperature is effecting it and after driving on it for a bit it’ll correct itself.

I tell my brother about it and he has the same thought I do.

After pouring water on it to see if any bubbles pop up from a leak, I decide it really does just need a little air and that’s easy enough to fix.

However, there’s the slightest chance that the problem is centered on the part of the tire I can’t see at the moment so I pull back a bit.

There’s a screw in my tire.


I’m hoping it’ll just need a simple patch cause those are way cheaper than a new tire but at least my card (thanks to my second job!) has plenty of space if I do in fact need a new tire altogether.

Which is why, even though I don’t work my second job tomorrow, I do need to be up earlier than usual so I can be at the oil change place when they open.

I will get another Atlantis post ready for next week while I’m waiting on the tire.

See everyone next week for more secondary character appreciation!!

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