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StALeR 42 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 7)

We are back!

I found the info I was looking for, but I was somewhat wrong about how it went.

What happened on Sateda wasn’t, technically, normal because most of the Wraith had still been hibernating and so, according to Guide, they were able to make an example of the planet since they weren’t as hungry. They had Culled well before destroying it though which makes me think that Ronon may have, in fact, seen Wraith feeding on babies.

Don’t worry ya’ll, we know Guide couldn’t have been there because he was still a prisoner of the Genii. Had been for about ten years at that point I believe. Meeting Alabaster is fantastic because it gave us a better timeline (for those of us that didn’t simply look online for the answer) for how long Guide was a prisoner. Something I’ve been curious about and now have the answer.

Alabaster was trapped on the planet for twenty-one years and Ronon was made a Runner right after the destruction of Sateda and he was a Runner for seven years. Since he was also with the team when Sheppard met Guide for the first time, we know where Guide was and for how long.

Don’t you just love math?

That actually brings us to a good point I didn’t think about until now. If Guide had been involved with Sateda, I highly doubt Sheppard would have spoken up so many times in defense of their alliance. Loyalty is a big thing with our peeps and I can’t see Sheppard being too willing to ally with someone who had taken part in destroying a friends planet.

I’m not sure if this was an intentional bit of math done for this reason, but it is really cool that the math checks out so that our favorite Wraith (and you can’t tell me that the writers didn’t intend for us to fall in love with Guide from the first sassy thing he said) wasn’t part of that horrific incident.

It might also explain why Ronon has been able to set his hatred aside and work with him on occasion.

Ronon is a very complex character and I like these discoveries about him especially because he’s never been a favorite of mine. Sounds weird, I know, but I like Ronon far more in the Legacy series than I did in the TV series because of the insights and growth like this we get to see.


Moving on!

We know about Hyperion’s weapon, the one that will kill anyone with Wraith DNA, but at this point, the end of the book (but not the posts obviously), I don’t believe Ronon does. The meeting they had after reuniting Guide and Alabaster didn’t mention anyone being present except the higher ups, so I think Ronon is still in the dark about it.

Won’t stay that way for long though, we all know things never go as planned for our peeps.

With that, I shall end the Ronon-centric posts. I think I’ve covered his growth in this book pretty thoroughly already and next week I’ll do something about our secondary characters I haven’t talked about for awhile.

See everyone then!

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