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StALeR 41 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 6)

I kind of feel like I need to talk about Ronon’s reaction from the planet some more.

He had a gun trained on a child.

Obviously, he never would have done that if the child had been human, but it was a Wraith.

Do ya’ll understand how screwed up you have to be to point a weapon at a child?

Here’s the thing. When he’s talking to Alabaster (not that he calls her anything but ‘parasite’) he kind of goes on a rant because of how the others are reacting. Or not reacting, as he sees it.

Before I get to their reactions- Ronon accuses the Wraith of feeding on babies. Of feeding on them while still being held by their parents.

So did he see that happen? It’s a pretty specific thing to mention just out of the blue. It would actually be a really stupid thing for the Wraith to do too because without the young, you won’t get adults. Adults, presumably, have more life to feed on so you’d think they’d want more adults.

I could swear Guide mentioned that what happened on Sateda wasn’t normal and not something the Wraith practiced. I’ll have to try and find the book, but no promises.

We do know that children have been Culled, but it would be interesting to know whether the Wraith fed on them last, in the hopes that they would grow up a little more, or maybe they off loaded them on another planet? Probably they’re just fed on but, again, that seems like bad husbandry.

Anyways, back to reactions (and lack thereof)!

He can’t hear Teyla or Rodney in his head (though they can feel each others surprise and such) and the only thing that probably processed about Sheppard was that he put his gun away in the presence of a Wraith.

As Sheppard thought earlier, no one really understands just how freaked out Ronon is about Rodney being turned into a Wraith. It has put him back a good bit mentally and psychologically. Ronon stopped pointing a gun at Ellia when he was told too, but this time, with a literal child, he refused until Sheppard stood in the way.

He may hate the Wraith, but he has also been able to work with them if only because his team asked him too. His reaction here is a direct result of the whole Rodney/Quicksilver thing. Though I believe he’s working on his reaction to Rodney, so Rodney doesn’t feel worse, he can’t help some of them. Casually talking to a Wraith isn’t normal for him and it’s just too far over the edge.

Which is why he stalks off.

His conversation with Sheppard is kind of scary because he mentions going back to Sateda and for a second you think that he’s going to leave the team but than he says it wouldn’t be the same. No matter what Radek said about rebuilding and things being different but not bad.

You definitely get the feeling that Ronon is thinking, heavily, about other paths to take. Talking to Sheppard helps, I think, because Sheppard doesn’t try and tell him what to do, he just says some hard truths.

Okay, one last post that’s Ronon-centric and then we shall move on!

For now, I say good-day and good week!

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