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Crafty, take 2!

Here’s the resin update!

These are the finished product. I’m not exactly unhappy with them I’m just not too enthused either.

The pieces are all malleable and apparently will stick together a little if left touching. I obviously did something wrong (added a tad too much hardener or not enough) because otherwise they’d be like the finished works online I’ve seen…

Unless those people cut that part out and showed the pieces they’d already treated with a coat of sealer.

I honestly don’t know. I’ll be adding a layer of UV resin to them to see if that’ll fix the bendable aspect of them and also to close up the bubble holes. Another thing I wasn’t enthused about is that where there were bubbles there are now holes or breaks in the pieces. I was under the impression the bubbles rose to the top of pieces.

Well, you live you learn.

I’ll be trying out a few tricks for the next kit to see if I can fix what I did wrong here so I’ll let y’all know.

In other news!

I have the week off from my second job. Hours had to be cut because we’ve been slow and since it’s not the job that pays the bills I told my supervisor she could take my hrs so that someone else could keep theirs.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to work a part time that’s been doing serious damage to my debt, but I’ll get it paid off either way and it’s the only job for some of my coworkers. Not a hard choice to make.

However! That means that for this entire week I’ll have time to catch up on some reading and I’m hoping to be able to get through ‘The Furies’ and onto the next book for y’all!

So keep an eye out because next week will be another Stargate Atlantis review!!

Till then!

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