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1/2 & 1/2!

Not the kind you drink though!

This week will be part crafty and part Wraithy! Mostly because it’s late and I’m super tired but also because I’ve had a thought in my head that won’t work for a full post so I thought I’d add it to a crafty post.


2-part resin!


I’m still not sure about 2-part resin. I can see the benefits but it was also really annoying and kind of stressful trying to work with so much resin that was getting tacky quickly.

I followed the instructions and made 2oz of resin that should have filled up the entire flat mold once. However, some of the shapes aren’t to my personal liking which is why I used some of my other molds.

The flat mold on the left came with the kit and the others were part of a set I bought the same day because I’ve always enjoyed the videos where people used those types.

Instructions said to leave it for 72hrs so you’ll get to see what they look like next week.

I’m pretty excited about it! Maybe next time I’ll make far less and have more fun without the time constraint.

Second –

There’s a scene in the episode where Todd and his crew get cancer from Dr. Keller’s retrovirus that’s been bothering me because of ‘The Furies’.

In the scene, Todd (Guide, of course) is sitting in a cell when Sheppard comes and asks for his help keeping the Hive from being destroyed in reentry. Guide would be allowed to leave Atlantis, if they all survived, as a thank you for his help.

Guide asks about his crew and Sheppard tells him they’re dead.

I always felt that Guide was being himself and testing Sheppard. Already knowing that Shepard did something and wanting to know if he’d answer honestly or not.

However, in ‘The Furies’, Guide asks Sheppard how he would like being left without the ability to experience intimacy (the conversation is pretty long and vastly interesting but you’ll have to read it for yourselves!) and Teyla has to explain that the Wraith telepathy is how the Wraith form emotional bonds (there’s way more to it but essentially and for this posts’ purposes we’ll leave it at that).

Without that ability, they’re adrift.

Guide couldn’t feel his men when they died that day.

He honestly didn’t know that they were all dead until Sheppard told him. He may have suspected but I’ll bet you anything he didn’t actual know because he couldn’t feel them.

With those stakes, it’s no wonder he isn’t keen on going the same route and instead went a way neither the humans or the other Wraith did.

That’s all for this week, it’s not really late except that I work tomorrow so have a VERY early morning. I will see everyone later, stay safe and bright!

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