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StALeR 30 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 7)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578

Yay, I’m back part two!

I’m pretty excited about this considering how tired I am (worked 4-11am today on five hours of sleep and God bless everyone who does that normally!!) and wanted to update on things to come.

More StALeR, of course, but there will be a few interruptions because one of my all time favorite authors has the last in a series coming out next Tuesday! (2-23-2021)

If you haven’t read Karen Marie Moning’s ‘Fever’ series you should go do that. It’s a dark fantasy series but is shelved in romance because before this series she wrote a Highlander romance series (that is actually a small part of the ‘Fever’ series) and so the publishers felt it would sell better if marketed to her current fanbase…which is now much bigger!

Having said all that, I will be writing up a review or more about the book (KOSAL= Kingdom of Shadow and Light) and maybe the series as a whole and scheduling them for late March or early April in consideration of the spoiler ban that will be in place. The ban is generally only two weeks long, but there’s no reason to post the reviews so early anyways because I’m not sure if they will be extra posts for the week or taking the StALeR review’s place for the week.

Exciting things to look forward to!

But now to what you came back for…

More Guide!

Initially, I was going to talk about Waterlight and Steelflower’s interaction and how Waterlight didn’t just bow down to Teyla because she was stronger. I really liked how Waterlight didn’t throw her father under the bus when Steelflower asked if he spoke for her, instead, she simply confirmed that he was still Consort.

This insinuated (at least to me) that he can speak for her on certain things but she is still Queen and has final say. It’s one of those tactful things to say when you don’t want to show weakness to a stronger entity. Not a lie but it does leave things open to interpretation later on.

I’ll most likely bring it up later because of what happens with Guide and all that, but it would be a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read the whole series right now.


This week we talk about Guide coming to the rescue!

Immediately after what happened last week, Teyla talks to Waterlight and calls her sister. Claiming a kinship to the Osprey Wraith line (which Thorn notes is an old way of doing things) Teyla makes it clear that she is willing to stand against Death and will happily call anyone kin who stands with her.

A ship then comes out of hyperspace and Thorn (I’m really liking him and would love a scene where he and Guide just go off with their dry humor!) says that Teyla can prove her claims now.

Of course she doesn’t have to because it’s Guide and the two play along with each other as if he were a concerned Consort and arrived before he was supposed to.

Here’s the thing.

We know better.

He had no idea what she and Atlantis were planning (more on that next week) which means that he was coming to try and negotiate to get Shepard himself.

He would have done one of two main things (we all know he would have had plans within plans) which are to pretend to have been sent by Death to pickup the human or get them to join his alliance.

Either way, I very much doubt that Shepard would have been left with Waterlight and her Hive.

I honestly don’t think Guide would have killed Shepard as a ‘last resort’ if he hadn’t been able to convince them to hand him over because Shepard is far too valuable alive. Guide isn’t stupid and no doubt knows that the only reason Atlantis has ever dealt with him is because of Shepard.

Would he have succeeded in getting Shepard?


He has far more men so if only by sheer number would he have been able to get Shepard back. He doesn’t have to because of Teyla, but it is interesting to theorize what he would have done.

I can see Shepard being a guest of Guide’s for a while.

At least until he could negotiate for more favorable terms with Atlantis on several fronts.

Would he have kept him prisoner?


Again, it would be stupid to do so and Guide isn’t stupid. Keeping Shepard on his Hive would be a great risk because he would have to answer whenever Death called (as much as it galls him to do so for anyone claiming to be his Queen) and the entire point is to keep Shepard, and anyone else with knowledge of his dealings with the humans, away from Death and other like-minded Wraith.

The conversations and interactions between Shepard and Guide would have been hilarious I imagine since they’re so much alike.

And that is all for this week because this is much bigger than intended due to the KOSAL info.

Ya’ll have a wonderful week and I’ll see ya next time!

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