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StALeR 29 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 6)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578

I’m back!

Okay, one of the funniest scenes we are going to talk about today is the one where Teyla/Steelflower goes to rescue Shepard from Waterlight.

Those two are cute and they work very well together. We know both of these things from the series’ (TV and book). What makes this particular scene so dang funny is just how bad it really is!

When I first read through the book I cringed at how bad the dialog was, but this second/third time through (I’ve lost count) I realized something.

Their acting is very similar to old, cheesy, movies where the acting was over the top because that was the ‘thing’ back then. Not that it’s a bad thing, just not the more realistic acting we’re familiar with these days.

If you’ve ever watched Star Trek Voyager, you may recall the episodes where Tom Paris and Kim Harry use the holodeck to play Captain Proton (and more memorably where Captain Janeway has to play Queen Arachnia to save the day!).

This scene is not unlike that!

When Teyla calls John a ‘puny human’ (this is where I cringed the first time) it’s cringe worthy because of how over the top bad guy it is.

Noone talks like that.

We knew that Shepard would play along the moment he saw it was Teyla, but the amount of bad acting was spectacular in its cringey-ness.

At one point, Teyla tells one of the younger Blades that he’s pretty but not too smart (paraphrasing here) and Jo Graham (the author if I haven’t mentioned before) makes a point to mention that Shepard makes a strangled noise here.

We ALL know he’s doing everything he can not to laugh out loud and ruin it because I have no doubt that if he started laughing then Teyla wouldn’t be able to keep up the pretense any longer either.

Whether she would laugh out loud too or simply give him one of those amused looks I can’t actually say, but the jig would have been up.

Outside of the bad acting where Shepard pretends like he’s taken over by Teyla/Steelflower and falls to his knees before her, he also has to pretend to be enthralled or under her power. As such, back to the over-the-top thing, he kisses her boot.

I seriously can’t stop laughing at the imagery!

Think about it ya’ll!

Shepard had to have shown Teyla all sorts of movies and I can completely see the two watching the older ones with this kind of bad acting. They could have gone a different way here, but this was the quickest and they, correctly, figured the Wraith wouldn’t be able to tell they were acting so long as Teyla kept her mind shielded from them.

After they get home, and to safety, I can see them having a good laugh recounting this to people. Rodney would find it hilarious, though I’m not sure about Ronon.

Something else to consider.

I’m sure the incident is relayed and gossiped about amongst the Wraith after the fact and Guide no doubt will eventually hear about it. I’m guessing he’d get a pretty good laugh out of it too.

He and Shepard have the same kind of humor after all.


Thank you for checking in this week and I hope that this post made up for last weeks.

Be bright and don’t let the world dim you.

Until next week!

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