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StALeR 23 – If the Wraith made it to Earth

Special post this week as promised!

Say the Wraith actually made it to Earth, what would happen?

As it stands in the Legacy series, the Wraith have been thinned out by war with the Lanteans, themselves and the Replicators. They’re still a force to be reckoned with because of their healing, strength and speed. Not counting their cunning as apex predators and advanced technology.

If Death leads the remaining Wraith to the Milky Way Galaxy a few things would/could happen.

First is the fact that there are countless planets with life on them in our galaxy, so the Wraith wouldn’t even have to head to Earth right away. They could refuel and cull so that by the time they arrived at Earth they’d be at their best.

However, this wouldn’t be the best option as we have allies in our galaxy that would call for help. After the first few planets we would have already set up defenses and started attacking the Wraith as they came closer to our home.

We have a few ships at this point, but it’s clear that Hiveships and ours are almost evenly matched when going one-on-one, but the Wraith have far more ships than we do so by sheer numbers they’d win any space fight. Even with our allies and every ship available they may have the advantage especially since they have shields now.

Whether they stop and feed on the way or come straight to Earth doesn’t really matter as this post is assuming that they eventually make it to Earth.

The first time they attacked Earth, at the end of season five, they used a Stargate onboard to keep us from dialing out (having a Stargate onboard sounds like a very Guide thing to do) and they would no doubt do the same this time.

Our ships no longer able to defend Earth and the Stargate being used against us would let the Wraith have free rein.

Now things get interesting and take a turn as the above is along the ‘duh-obvious’ lines.

The majority of jobs are done inside and most people drive to work. We know the culling beams can’t go through certain materials or the Wraith would be able to cull through buildings, so we have quite a bit of protection here at home.

There are enough people outside on any given day worldwide that the Wraith would be able to cull quite well on the first couple of runs, but I don’t think they’d have too much luck after that because people would have been recording on their phones and uploading the videos. It would be very easy to figure out that the beams are a bad thing and to stay away from them. It would also be obvious that people in cars are spared so we would quickly adapt and try to see if that can be used to our advantage.

As in- holding metal sheets or wood boards above us to see if the beams will go through and such. Since I don’t know exactly how the beams work it may or may not succeed. It’s possible it’s a mass thing and just boards or sheets won’t do the trick, but we would find out.

After the initial attack our leaders would have made the announcements about what the Wraith were and how to kill them.

They really wouldn’t have any choice but to come clean, not necessarily about the Stargate program at this time, but definitely about the Wraith. Even if they don’t come out and say how to kill the Wraith (a possibility if the particular country believes they have enough forces to stop any ground attack) we would figure it out.

Of course, every country that has fighter planes would be out doing what they could to destroy the Darts and would do some damage before we ran out. Considering how many Darts a single Hive can carry, I feel like they’d have the advantage there too and would also probably hit military bases first or just anything with planes sitting around.

Even if the Wraith had Darts patrolling day and night in grids to cull anyone who ventured outside, I can still see us finding ways around it.

For instance (if the boards and sheets idea doesn’t work) we could always drive our cars right up to the front door and get in and out. Most houses have some version of a covered porch and many buildings do too to keep customers dry when it rains.

Now that the first wave has done its job, it’s time to send in the ground troops.

This may be a very bad idea on the Wraith’s part. Looking at how many people own guns right now worldwide, not mentioning the people who also have access to tanks and other such weapons, the Wraith would have a fight on their hands.

Just here in America we would do a heck ton of damage as civilians and it would be even more devastating to the Wraith across the world because in the face of an attack we, as a species, band together (and doesn’t that just make you smile?).

And we don’t even need guns, per se, to defeat the Wraith once they come down because we could just hit them with our cars. I mean, how easy would that be? If their stun blasts couldn’t get through the cars to stop the driver than we could just get a bunch of pickup trucks and SUV’s and let ‘em go for it.

We could also just beat the heck out of ’em with whatever’s near by…you all know we could and would.

Anyway, eventually the SGC would find a way to get the Stargate working again and call for aid. Maybe they’ll have sent a ZPM through to Atlantis or called for allies to help if the Wraith hadn’t taken them out already. Even if they had, there are plenty of weapons the SGC has found over the years that they could use against the Wraith, including Replicators.

All I’m saying is that the Wraith really don’t have a chance against Earth. I don’t think their pens could hold everyone on Earth, and even after feeding I still think there’d be plenty of us left to put up a fight.

The Wraith have been dealing with the Pegasus Galaxy population for so long they think the Lanteans are a rarity. They’re under the assumption that getting to Earth is the hard part. They have no idea just how much damage a single person could do, let alone a neighborhood.

What do ya’ll think?

Have I missed something obvious that would give the Wraith the ultimate advantage? I know they have those stun bombs they used when they got through to the SGC that one time, but they’d have to use multiple to keep masses down and I just don’t see them having that kind of time or resource.

It is entirely possible that I am giving us too much credit, but than again maybe not. We aren’t like the Pegasus Galaxy inhabitants, heck we aren’t even like the other Milky Way inhabitants if we’re going with the entire history of the SGC.

Anyways, those are some of my thoughts on if the Wraith ever managed to make it to Earth. Let me know what you think and I’ll see ya’ll next week for the first review on ‘The Furies’!

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