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StALeR 22 – Legacy: Allegiance (Part 7)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Allegiance

SGA #18

ISBN: 9781905586561

Last review for ‘Allegiance’!

It’s been a long time coming, but here it is! The last review for book 3 in the Legacy series.

Next book will be ‘The Furies’, but that will be in two weeks’ time because next weeks post is going to be a look into what would actually happen if the Wraith made it to Earth.


Because I was thinking about it and wondering if they would have ever actually stood a chance so figured I’d give ya’ll my thoughts on the topic before moving on.

Onto this weeks review!

Guide’s version’s of ‘I told you so’ are hilarious. Point in fact- after the second attack on Atlantis, the absolute failure because they had an iris now, Death is pretty unhappy about it as are several others who lost family members. After some back and forth where the Wraith make suggestions ranging from backing down completely to attacking with their full forces, Guide mentions that the Lanteans are quick to learn.

Since he was one of two Wraith who was pretty vocal about trying another attack, this ‘I told you so’ is pretty funny when you consider that Death is pissed off (she already drove one Wraith to his knees for almost giving it away that Quicksilver is McKay) and he, being a smart-ass, decides that now is a good time to say something.

Interestingly, his words take the focus off Quicksilver who had just finished commenting on how the only person on Atlantis who could have stopped him like that was McKay. This, of course, makes everyone present (including Guide) uneasy and Death quickly tells him to never say that name again.

On the one hand, Guide is obviously protecting himself and his Hive but he is also keeping Quicksilver safe in order to keep the Lanteans happy.

Guide could totally make a killing off playing chess tournaments. The countless schemes and plans he has going on at any one time is extraordinary and inspiring.

…I didn’t intend for this post to be Guide-centric again, but apparently it will be because when Guide goes to ask Death if he can leave with his Hive to cull he’s concerned when he walks into a council he hadn’t known about and certainly hadn’t been invited too.

However, not what I wanted to talk about, I just needed to set the scene.

Outside the room is a young blade guarding the doors (such as he can against so many older and stronger than he is) and Guide notes how uneasy and nervous he is. Poor thing bows deeper than etiquette dictates and when the doors open to permit Guide in he’s none too happy when the young blade’s mind is full of fear and not adoration for Death.

Here’s the thing-

Guide is weird in that he doesn’t actually want a Queen anymore (or at least not at this time) but he’s also old and has served and been Consort to a great one when such Queens existed. That he would be critical of a Queen that inspires fear more than adoration and loyalty is pretty telling.

It’s really interesting too that the Old One thinks she’s a good choice to lead all the Wraith since he too has served, and no doubt been Consort, to great Queens. If your people fear you, you have no people. Because after awhile they will begin to resent the fear they live in and will take a stand. Whether they succeed isn’t the point, the point is that they took the stand and others will attempt the same until something changes.

The Old One hates the Lanteans because they’re descended of the Alteran’s (and he totally has reasons for his hatred) so that’s mainly why he follows Death, I think. Otherwise, I can’t imagine him not becoming an ally to Guide since they both want what’s best for their people as a whole and both agree that the current Queens (Death being the exception for the Old One) don’t have what it takes to do that.


In this meeting he wasn’t invited too, they’re discussing whether or not to attack Altantis through the Stargate again. The zenana seems to be pretty much split down the middle this time, no doubt due to the last failed attempt.

Guide’s manipulations are going well you can see and though fearful Death has caught on to his plans (she hasn’t but there’s a moment), his council is cautious but the better of both plans currently being discussed.

It’s fun to hear things from his point of view. That he’s afraid she’s figured things out is fascinating because watching the show you never really got that from the Wraith. Even Michael was portrayed as being more angry and/or sad than fearful during his time with the Lanteans so being inside Guide’s head is fun for that insight we get to see.

Another cool thing before signing off this week is that Guide is pretty good at knowing what other’s want to hear or knowing what will calm a situation. Not that he can’t incite when he wants to, but if it’s a natural inclination of his to mediate situations or to find common ground (see what I did there?) it brings to question if he’s a middle child.

You know how birth order of siblings has been studied and certain aspects are attributed to them based on position?

Well, the only one I’m focusing on (because I myself am a middle child) is the part where middle children are considered to be peacemakers/keepers. We have an innate sense on what buttons to push (for good or evil, depending on how one feels) which makes it easier to calm situations.

Knowing this, can we all agree that Guide has/had siblings and was the middle one?

It would make me oh, so happy to know where he would fall in birth order within his family.

Maybe I should ask the writers? They’re still active on social media so I’ll send out a question.

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