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Episode Watch and Book Reading Order

Rising: S1, E1 & 2

Rising #1

The Eye: S1, E11

Chosen #3

The Defiant One: S1, E12

Reliquary #2

Duet: S2, E4

Halcyon #4

Entanglement #6

Condemned: S2, E5

Death Game #14

Grace Under Pressure: S2, E14

Mirror, Mirror #9

The Long Goodbye: S2, E16

Exogenesis #5

Misbegotten: S3, E2

Dead End #12

The Real World: S3, E6

Casualties of War #7

Vengeance: S3, E19

Blood Ties #8

Reunion: S4, E3

Angelus #11

The Seer: S4, E8

Nightfall #10

The Daedalus Variations: S 5, E4

Hunt and Run #13

Remnants: S 5, E15

Brimstone #15

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