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StARe 7 – Catching up on Episodes


This day we shall be catching up on the episodes between the books before we get back to the wonderful books themselves because there have been quite a few episodes in-between.

First though, it occurred to me that people might like to watch/read along with me or do it themselves. In that vein I’ll have a post set up for the order that I am personally following to post later this week.

As I mentioned in the first post, the wonderful people who did the ‘’ site led me to the majority of what I wanted with just a few books not seeming to fall in any particular order between the episodes. The few that don’t, I thought I’d keep notes on while reading (SO hard to do because they suck you in so easily!)  and change the reading list accordingly to my personal opinion.

What that means is that the list might change as I go along, but by the last book before the Legacy Series begins it should be complete with no further additions needing to be made.

And now, on to the brief episode reviews to catch you all up if you still haven’t begun your own watch/read along.

Instinct S2, E7-

In this episode we have our team going to a planet where a Dart crash-landed a few years ago. The villagers went to investigate, and they ended up killing the occupants.

Or so they thought.

Fast-forward to now and our team says they’d be happy to rid the people of their little problem. It’s just one Wraith and there’s four of them.

Easy peasy right?

No. Not really.

What they find is that one of the villagers had recently lost his wife and child to a plague and had taken pity on a Wraith child way back when. He took her in and raised her as his own.

Insisting that she wasn’t dangerous, that he had found a way to keep her from having to feed on humans, the team brings in Dr. Beckett to see if it could be true (he’s been working on a retrovirus to do just this or similar ever since the Hofan Drug incident).

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Ellia, the Wraith girl, has been lying to her father for quite some time. She waits until the other Wraith has to feed and feeds at the same time so as not to draw attention to herself.

But she doesn’t like the other Wraith. Doesn’t like what he whispers in her mind and wants nothing to do with him.

In the end, Ellia injects herself with a vial of the experimental Wraith retrovirus (which is so far from being ready it’s not funny) and it turns her more into an Iratus bug instead of more human as it’s intended to do. (Not surprising since they used the Iratus bug as a base of reference if I’m remembering correctly).

The team is forced to kill her, though thankfully after she has killed the other Wraith. She’s too far gone to be reasoned with at that point and injures a couple of the team and her father as well.

Conversion S2, E8-

So, remember Ellia from the last episode?

Yeah, well, she bit and scratched Sheppard up pretty badly which is interestingly enough exactly where this episode picks up. With Sheppard in the infirmary getting checked out because of all the blood, only for Dr. Beckett to wipe the blood away and see the wound has healed completely.

The ‘uh-oh’ moment is universal and we shall all have it together.

Throughout the episode, poor John Sheppard is slowly turning into a humanoid Iratus bug. While the effects are pretty cool to begin with (increased speed, vision and of course the healing factor) it quickly becomes apparent to Sheppard that he isn’t safe to be around.

Remembering how Ford acted when he was first affected by the Wraith enzyme, Sheppard insists that he be contained in his quarters until a solution can be found.

The best solution the medical staff can come up with is to introduce modified Iratus DNA into Sheppard in an attempt to kickstart a change back into a full human. Which is a good idea except that they fail to procure an Iratus egg (which has stem cells I believe) and lose two people in the process which is when Weir pulls the plug on that idea and tells Sheppard.

A little far gone at this point already, the news pushes him over the edge and he escapes. Ronon is able to stun him and Dr. Beckett injects him with a massive dose of inhibiting drug that should keep him lucid enough to try a truly crazy plan that involves Sheppard going in and getting an Iratus egg for them since his body is giving off the same pheromones and he shouldn’t set off their protective instincts.

It works!

Sheppard is back to normal and grateful for it.

Aurora S2, E9

I like this episode a lot if only for the fact that the Wraith found a way to jury-rig an Alteran ship and use it against them.

By masquerading as a female officer. (I should mention that the Wraith doing the masquerading is male)

Essentially what happens is that an old Alteran ship is discovered to be sitting idle way out on the edge of the galaxy. Daedalus takes them to investigate and they find a ship full of Alteran’s in stasis. Unfortunately, the system wasn’t able to keep them from aging and at this point to wake them would be a death sentence.

However, they aren’t merely sleeping. The system is interconnected and they are all involved in the same simulation.

I can’t remember if it was the Wraith who initially created this artificial environment to get the information they wanted or if it was designed that way.

In any case, there’s some information that the ship was carrying that would give Atlantis a way to destroy the Wraith Hive ships easier. A weakness in their ships that could be exploited. The ship, Aurora, was attacked and left to float in space for ten thousand years. A fact that the occupants are not aware of in their fake world.

With two Hive ships on their way, they need the information sooner rather than later.

To that end, Sheppard goes in himself and tries to tell them and get the information out of the Captain. It does not go well as the ships second in command is actually a Wraith who has infiltrated the program and has been trying to get the inhabitants to finish upgrading their hyperspace technology. The plan being that the Wraith would finally be able to travel between galaxies.

Rodney is able to disengage the Wraith from the program, which gives Sheppard a chance to convince the Captain he’s telling the truth.

They don’t have much luck with these things (honestly the show wouldn’t be as good if they did have good luck of this magnitude) and the information about the weakness had been deleted by the Wraith already. The Captain and ship were simply the carriers and had never seen the information.

The Aurora’s self-destruct is initiated and it takes out the Hive’s, saving the Daedalus and everyone on board.

The Lost Boys S2, E10

He’s baaaaack!

One Lt. Ford is back and badder than ever. No joke this time ya’ll.

Ford has been busy since we last saw him in ‘Runner’ (Season 2, Episode 3). He was able to get himself off of the Hive ship he ended up on, because they don’t exactly expect anyone to be able to leave on their own, and make his way to a village somewhere and trade for food and such.

While there he recruited others to his ‘mission’ and injected them with Wraith enzyme too. Creating almost superhuman soldiers that went out and continued killing Wraith for the enzyme. That is, until Ford decided it was better to have live Wraith so their supply never ran out.

Unfortunately, his mental state is still messed up and he lures Sheppard, Ronon, Teyla and Rodney into a trap and tricks them into eating food laced with the enzyme. Regular doses make sure they become addicted quickly.

His plan is to convince Sheppard he isn’t wrong, and that the enzyme is a good thing. With it, his men are strong and fast enough to make raids on Genii bolt holes to take explosives (initially stolen from Atlantis during Season 1, Episode 11, ‘The Eye’) and use it to destroy a Hive ship.

End of the episode has Sheppard in a modified Dart (thank you Rodney) with Ronon, Teyla, Ford and some of Ford’s men making it onto a Hive ship, while Rodney takes an almost fatal amount of the enzyme so he can overpower the guards and make his way back to Atlantis to warn them.

Which brings us to-

The Hive S2, E11

Everyone who infiltrated the Hive has been taken captive and is now in withdrawal while the Wraith Queen tries to get information out of Sheppard.

During their first attempt at escape they stop to try and aid some humans still alive but cocooned. Not the best plan because it is here that we find out about Wraith Worshippers. Those humans who have pledged their loyalty to the Wraith in the hopes they’ll be spared.

One of the women pretends to be a victim and tries to get information out of Sheppard while they are so conveniently imprisoned in the same cell together.

He catches on pretty quickly however and tries to convince the Wraith Queen that the second Queen (on a Hive ship that joined them in the last episode right before they both jumped into hyperspace) was who he served.

Whether she believes him or not is irrelevant because he manages to escape, commandeers the Dart again and gets Teyla and Ronon beamed up and out of there.

Ford stays behind to finish the mission and presumably dies when the ships explode after Sheppard leads an attack on one of the Hive’s to incite them to destroy each other.

The only useful thing that comes out of all this is that they know the Wraith are more divided than they’d thought. Far more territorial as well and that they might be able to incite more infighting if they’re careful.

Epiphany S2, E12

Upon finding a strange energy signature in the middle of a forest, Sheppard decides to go through an energy barrier and gets stuck in a time dilation. Time moves far faster on his side of the barrier than it does on the other side.

In the few minutes it takes for Rodney to make the leap and check to see if he’s right, several hours have passed for Sheppard. Rodney insists they throw what supplies they have on them at the moment through the barrier which is good because it’s now been days and by the time Rodney gets Teyla to carry more supplies from the Jumper and throw them in for Sheppard, he’s already left the cave to explore because he needs food and water.

Turns out there’s a huge area covered by this time dilation on the planet that was left there by the Alteran’s for people who wanted to Ascend (the ability to shed the physical form and exist in a purely energy state. It’s what the Alterans’ strived for forever with some succeeded). In true Alteran fashion however, there is no way out because who could possibly change their minds about Ascending?

John Sheppard, for one.

A village inside the dilation is under attack by a mysterious invisible monster and Sheppard tries to help the people only to become injured. The villagers are the last of a very long line of people who have tried to Ascend and failed. They spend their time in meditation and other such pursuits which is definitely not a Sheppard kind of thing.

Six months pass for him inside the barrier while Rodney and the others gather what they need and pass through. The machine is powered by a ZPM and if they disengage it they not only stop the dilation but they get a ZPM out of it too.


Except it’s not.

When the time comes and they meet up again inside the barrier, they’re attacked by the monster and are only saved by the villagers that Sheppard finally convinced to face their fears.

Namely, that they would fail to Ascend.

By defeating the monster they are able to finally Ascend and they are willing to keep the door open so that Sheppard and his people can get back through, just without the ZPM.

Because of course, no matter that the place has been lost for eons at this point and no one actually knows its there anymore and Atlantis could desperately use another ZPM, the village leader decides that they aren’t allowed to take it because others might need a safe place to try and Ascend.

More of the same Alteran selfishness and arrogance right there.

Critical Mass S2, E13

Apparently, while we have been blissfully dealing with Wraith and time dilation’s and exploding solar systems, the Gould back home have infiltrated high levels of government and have been able to get an operative to place a bomb in Atlantis.

One that will detonate when Atlantis establishes a wormhole with Earth next. (incidentally, this is in about two hours due to a scheduled reporting time)

Daedalus is told to sit tight between galaxies to relay messages back and forth and does so until Weir asks them back to help with interrogations and to search the city for the bomb.

Effectively cutting them off from any more help from Earth.

This episode has twists upon twists.

In addition to a bomb, a signal has been sent out and two Hive ships have picked it up and are on their way to investigate. Which means if the bomb doesn’t kill them, the Wraith will.

Whoever the saboteur is, they’ve also managed to lock everyone out of the systems so that when the star drive turns on, leaking power to the bomb to imitate the Stargate’s power, they have no way to shut it off.

Unless they find the culprit.

On the brink of death, Weir orders Ronon to torture information out of someone who turns out to be completely innocent and the operative is revealed to be Colonel Caldwell. The commander of Daedalus has been taken over by a Gould, but is able to wrestle control back long enough to give his personal codes to Sheppard to stop the power up.

And that is the catch up on the episodes to this point. I know I said that there were 11 episodes between the books this time, but I may have found that ‘Mirror, Mirror’ SGA #9, can be read after ‘Grace Under Pressure’ Season 2, Episode 14. Unless I find in the last few Season 2 episodes that it falls after that, the next review will be of ‘Mirror, Mirror’.

This is a huge post so go find yourselves a space potato and enjoy it!

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