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Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren

Graham Winters has been Missy Roper’s fantasy for years. The only problem is that she’s human and he’s decidedly not. Graham is a werewolf. But not just any old werewolf, no, Graham is the Alpha of the Silverback Clan and as such he has obligations to his pack. One of those obligations is to marry and produce heirs to carry on his pure bloodline. And the pack won’t accept a human as his mate.

So, needless to say, Missy knows that Graham will never look at her twice. Unless…

Graham has never really noticed the shy kindergarten teacher, but when she runs into him at a party, his inner wolf demands that he take her home and make her his. Should be simple, right? Except, of course, for those pesky little details; she doesn’t know she’s his destined mate, his cousin is trying to usurp his position as Alpha, the pack elders are forcing him to marry before the month is out or risk losing his place as Alpha, and oh yeah! Graham has fallen head over tail in love with the little human.

What’s a werewolf supposed to do? Read this sweet and funny tale to find out! And, don’t miss the rest of the titles in this series!.

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