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The Vampire’s Bride by Gena Showalter

What on earth could a revenge seeking Vampire King and an Amazon with commitment issues have in common? This book!

Delilah is a great Amazon warrior, but like most of her sisters she has no time and no need for men. Until she meets Layel. Now, this proud woman has fallen head over heels for a blood drinker! What’s worse is that said ‘blood drinker’ is still in love with his dead wife. What’s a girl to do? Win a life or death competition and prove to the man er… vampire that she’s the one he needs!

Layel is King of the Vampires and an undisputed bad boy of Atlantis. For 200 years he has mourned the loss of his wife. He has no desire to start another relationship and certainly not with a woman who is the exact opposite of his Beloved Susan. But one look at the Amazon, Delilah, and he’s a goner. What’s worse is that he can’t even make a good argument as to why he shouldn’t be with her!

Book 4 in the Tales of Atlantis series. This is a great read! And don’t miss the first 3 books: Heart of the Dragon, Jewel of Atlantis and The Nymph King!

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