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I forgot to make a post.


My vacation starts Friday and hopefully I’ll actually set some up so this stops happening.

I hate to say it, however, my vacation is primarily going to be used to finish my dark fantasy manuscript. I should be able to get a few posts ready though…

I think.

We’ll see next week won’t we?

Ta for now!

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Happy Easter!

As the title says, Happy Easter everyone!!

I know it’s a day late, however, I post on Monday’s and felt that y’all would forgive me.

My family hasn’t celebrated yet, but I’ll let you know what I get when I get it!

For now I bid you adieu!

Because it’s late, I had a rough night last night, and I work my part time morning job tomorrow so need sleep something fierce.


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StALeR 58 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 8)

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy seeing secondary characters shine in these books.

Our newest archeologist (William Lynn for those who forgot) and a geologist (new to us too but I like her first appearance!) Claire Greensmith, track down Sheppard and ask him how they would become essential personnel.

Because only essential personnel are staying during the fight to come. Everyone else is being shipped back Earth side.

These two decided that Atlantis was too important to them to just leave it. I’m sure the majority of people felt the same but remember that quite a few people were added at the last second to boost numbers so Atlantis could get back to Pegasus.

How many other people went to their supervisors and asked the same question? How many talked to Carter? Or Radek?

I’ve always loved how Atlantis started as just another place to explore. Another potential safe guard to keep Earth safe from their enemies, but quickly became a home to so many people who felt they didn’t have anything left to keep them on Earth.

Atlantis was supposed to be a one way trip. The first group that went may never have had contact with Earth again.

They definitely made Atlantis home, and one they have no intention of letting get destroyed after everything else they’ve been through over the last few years!

I know it’s not very long again, but to be fair the interaction between the scientists and Sheppard wasn’t long either.

My family is also in the midst of finding a new home ourselves and I’m still not ready for my vacation writing bananza coming way too soon.

Anyways, I’ll see y’all next week!

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I am really sorry but I have a massive headache that meds don’t seem to be touching. I’ll get a post for next week of some kind set up.

Sorry again.

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For the last week or two I have been working on transcribing a couple decades worth of notes into cohesive collections.

It took me awhile to get things sorted into the appropriate piles and find an empty journal to use, which is when I found out just how many journals I’ve started with the same idea only to start a new one…

Or two.

Or three.

Seriously, I found three journals that I had started with the intent of them being story idea collections.

It’s a good thing that pile is the biggest. I may actually fill one or two up.

I’m having fun reading old ideas from so long ago and it’s definitely helping with the cleanliness of my room to have the multiple piles slowly getting smaller and smaller.

(Did you know my carpet is a cream color?!)

Initially I was really just looking for all the notes I had for my beauty and the beast retelling so I could get that ready for my vacation project.

However, I had a few hours one day and thought ‘why not just organize it for later’.

Then the later became ‘just get it done with and move on’.

Essentially I’ll be working on that for another week though I am hoping it won’t take longer than this current one to finish.

I only work 3 days at my part time job this week (woot!!) which means I should be able to sleep in while still having time to work on this project before going to work most days.

It also means I should be able to get another Atlantis post ready for next week (and maybe get a book or two read!).

On the vacation note though.

I finally decided to just take the time off from both jobs. My part time has yet to start accruing vacation time despite my boss saying I should be by now.

I think the cut back in hours has been helping me get better, but I’m still having trouble and I’m still exhausted more days than not.

Anyways! I’ll keep y’all posted about the writing project and all that, while also releasing Atlantis posts to make the masses happy!

See y’all next week!

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StALeR 57 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 7)

Wraith Hiveships.

We know they have to be attached to a person to grow, but how does that even work?!

Somewhere in this book it’s once again mentioned that Hiveships are attached to a host and grow from there.

We’ve seen some of this with Dr. Keller when she accidentally came in contact with a Hive seed and it started to grow on her. The process was pretty fast and it seemed like a fully functional Hive would maybe take a month or two to grow?

However, does it have to be a human or would a Wraith work just as well?

And why?

The only thing I can think of is the semi-sentient aspect of a Hive. It has to come from somewhere I guess and a human mind works. The interesting thing though is how does it change from a fully functioning human brain into what we know about the Hiveships consciousness?

Teyla likened it to a warhorse once (or just a horse, I can’t remember). Intelligent and wanting to please it’s master, but not capable of fighting a battle without instruction and urging. (I added that last part btw)

I wonder where in the process the human mind is absorbed and becomes the Hive instead? Does the seed have programming if some kind that changes the human brain into something more suitable for what the Wraith need?

It would certainly make sense. A human mind wouldn’t be able to handle the knowledge of being turned into a ship. Let alone being able to withstand the reality of being in space, having people living in it, etc…

Also, it would need certain nutrients to grow right? The human body is only so big and wouldn’t be able to support a Hive growth. It’s why the seed attached to Keller was growing into the walls and feeding off of the power supply.

Does any Wraith just know how to grow a Hiveship or is it a specialized occupation?

It really is a fascinating thing to consider and it would be pretty awesome if we knew the ins and outs of it.

Alas, it probably never got thought completely out since the show was canceled and the books only got so far.

Anyways, I know recent events have hit everyone hard, just try not to forget that there is still far more good than bad. You might have to look a little harder, but you’ll find it and it will get easier to find as you go.

Till next time!

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Tired today…

I’m coming down with a cold and it’s knocked me down for a bit.

Thus, I give you pics of my Christmas (that we just had)!

A few prezzies!

My brother always, without fail for several years now, gets me up to date on My Little Pony books!

I love these so much because they’re flipping hilarious and so far (even though the tv series has ended) they’ve continued in the same fun vein.

Way back in November/December-ish, my mama and I were out running errands and stopped at CVS. They had several mini kits with different candies to build a house.

I waited until we actually celebrated Christmas to make it and it was definitely fun! If I think of it this year I’ll be looking out for a different candy version to have fun with!

That’s gonna be all this week, cause I’m about to fall asleep, so until next time try to stay positive!

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StALeR 56 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 6)

Not Wraith this week, but don’t be sad!

Ronon is almost as fun to analyze as our lovely Wraith.


Back to Ronon having Hyperion’s weapon.

It wasn’t Sheppard that told him about it, it was Teyla. I guess Sheppard didn’t want him to have to deal with the fact that such a weapon couldn’t be used without killing their friends and family too.

We’ve already talked about how Ronon felt about that for a few hours/days. (if you haven’t had a chance to read that post then I’ll tell you he was actually gonna do it)

What’s interesting is that when Teyla told him about it, she also told him the history of the Wraith.

That they used to be humans and it was the Alterans that turned them into Wraith to begin with. That after they had escaped, they had made lives for themselves and had children and all that.

Ronon had a very brief moment where he remembered hoping whoever had been imprisoned on the island had escaped, but it was quickly overshadowed by his hatred of the Wraith.

As if they deserved to be prisoners because of what they were. Even knowing they had no choice in the matter.

This particular encounter between the two ended with Teyla asking Ronon if she had made a mistake in telling him the truth.

Ronon in turn asked her ‘don’t you trust me?’

She does, which is why she told him.

It’s interesting when you consider how she would have felt if she found out he’d had his finger on the trigger of Hyperion’s weapon and a gun trained at Sheppard to stop him from taking it and destroying it.

If I remember correctly, she may find out later on, but I know not in this book. If I remember I’ll mention it.

It’s also interesting that Teyla never considered Ronon may have the weapon when they discover it’s missing from where Rodney put it.

Of everyone, Teyla and Ronon were the worst affected by the Wrath in their lives, which makes it strange that Teyla wouldn’t think of Ronon for this.

Obviously, he wasn’t supposed to be searching in that area, but this is Ronon we’re talking about. He thinks a little different because of his background.

I just find it really interesting that no one apparently thinks Ronon had anything to do with it.

I guess I’m not the only one who thought he was moving on from his past.

Except for the fact that Sheppard knew somehow?

Which I would really like to know what tipped him off by the way.

Did Radek find a recording or did he just piece it together after thinking about everything?

Sheppard isn’t stupid. Reckless, definitely, but not stupid.

I just really want to know what it was…

Well, that’s all for now!

Only other news to tell is that my vacation has been approved for my full time job and I just have to decide how I want my part time job to go during the two and a half weeks I’ve asked off.

Definitely have plans to finish my current work (by current I mean the story I was really excited about before I got a second job to pay off bills faster a year ago) and I’ve already started going over what I have so I’m refreshed and ready to go!

With that, I bid you adieu!

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StALeR 55 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 5)

We are back!

Okay, so it was mentioned (via an Ember thought) that the Wraith have always kind of nudged different groups of humans into doing things for them throughout the years.

Which would make sense.

Why spend all of your energy and supplies keeping civilizations from developing too far when you could just pit them against each other instead?

The Wraith worshippers are a distinctive group in the series and so it’s interesting that the Wraith have pitted them against one another.

I wonder if it was more along the lines of pitting one worshipper group against another Hive’s group ya know?

Causing a little mayhem for enemy Wraith?

I’m guessing such worshippers on supply planets like Tenassa (not sure if that’s the right planet but I’d have to go back and skim a few books to get the right one so we’ll go with Tenassa for now) would be left alone considering it was a neutral planet for all Wraith to use, but otherwise intrigue and sabotage via worshipper is certainly one way to go.

Outside of the worshippers though it’s an interesting thing to consider.

We know the Wraith have made deals with human worlds before for one reason or another, but to subtly change the course of their worlds is an entirely different thing.

Is it something that several Wraith got together and agreed a certain planet was getting too far ahead technologically and so they considered what human worlds could be used to start a war?

Or was it just one Queen and Hive that saw a planet they called theirs getting too far ahead and so started nudging another to cause problems?

It’s a fascinating view into the Wraith culture and as such a small throw away thought too.

I love these books!

That’s all for this week and I’ll see ya’ll next Monday!

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StALeR 54 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 4)

I am back and ready to talk Atlantis!

Let’s talk Wraith again cause I love ‘em so.

Early in the book we have Ember working on the retrovirus. (I like that Guide decided to take another route on it because the humans might be overlooking something ya know?)

He’s called to meet with Bonewhite and the other masters’ of the Hive. Essentially the meeting is to let them all know what Guide has decided to do in regards to the Lanteans, his daughter, and such.

You’d think it would be a simple and short meeting.

It was short, but not so simple and things are brought up that are fun to know!

Ember is new to the Hive, but in true Guide fashion he let Ember make a place for himself through his own skill (I wonder if that part of Guide is due to Snow and how she saw things?) and so Ember is particularly loyal to Guide.

Bonewhite starts by letting them know that Alabaster is in fact alive and that she has a son.

Everyone assembled is relieved at that fact because it’s already stressful having Steelflower (their true Queen) and Death demanding Guide’s loyalty. Adding Alabaster to the mix would have been worse, but somehow her having a son makes things different?

I’m not sure how but the way it’s phrased makes it seem that since she had a son she won’t be as inclined to try and take the Hive from Steelflower? Or maybe it’s because she’s still so young and untried (it’s mentioned later on) that it’s a relief to find out she’s only had one child and not a daughter she’d be inclined to fight for a Hive for?

If that makes sense…


The idea is tossed out there that Guide may be planning on putting Alabaster as their new Queen and denouncing Steelflower. Something that’s apparently been done before.

This is not what they’d like happen, but considering how Guide is when it comes to his daughter…

Ember, not having been born of the Hive, doesn’t know that story and so asks.

Bonewhite (being the closest thing Guide has to a friend and was there for pretty much all of it) tells him about how after the battle that killed Snow, Alabaster went missing. An enemy Commander said the ship was destroyed, but Guide didn’t believe it. Later, a worshipper claimed that a young Queen was dead on a human world.

That’s when Guide was taken captive by the Genii.

The implications and suggestion here, though very carefully said of course, is that Guide is not rational when it comes to his daughter.

This is true.

But you can’t blame him.

Poor dude lost the love of his life (be honest here, that’s exactly what Snow was to him otherwise a Queen like Death would have been more of an enticement to him) and his daughter at the same time.

Even the hint or suspicion that she could still be alive had him racing to find the truth.

Ember, understanding all of the undertones and inuendoes and such going on here, challenges Bonewhite (very lightly but still challenges) when it seems the others are planning something they may all regret.

The challenge is simply that he asks Bonewhite what their next move is.

Bonewhite (and I love him for this and all the years he’s stood by Guide and his crazy schemes) says that they will be doing as commanded and joining Guide in orbit around Atlantis.

Why are all my Wraith posts longer than planned?

Next week will be more Wraith because there was another part during this meeting that I wanted to look at, but alas, time has run out.

Till then!