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It is 1:30 in the morning and I am wide awake due to insomnia.

But I have an early morning so really need to try to sleep. We shall see how that goes.

Obviously no Atlantis post this week, but I did want to let people know that apparently there is a peep who has submitted a Lego Idea and it’s being voted on.

If you aren’t aware, Lego let’s regular people submit ideas to them for special Lego sets and quite a few have already been produced.

I’m not saying it’s easy and I have no idea how the process actually works let alone if the person gets paid for their idea, but there are 2 Stargate Lego ideas currently being voted on.

If you go to the Lego ideas website and type in Stargate, it will bring up all of the ideas you can vote on to see if enough interest can make one (or all!) of them real sets!

You’ll need an account though…😑 I’m sure it’s free, but I only just today found out about this so…

Y’all do what you will with this info!

See ya next week!!

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Never Forget

In deference to what happened September 11, 2001, there will be no posts this week.

If you remember that day, you are not alone.

If you don’t remember that day, please checkout a book at the library or ask a bookseller for a recommendation at your bookstore.

Never Forget.

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StALeR 64 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 3)

Very short this week, but here we go!

Getting a look at the backstories of favorite characters is always a fun time for me. Not being a fan of Weir does take a little joy out of it because I just don’t like her.

Having said that-

With Weir back in corporeal form she’s getting flashes of her life back on Earth (because there’s always that one ascended being that breaks the rules).

Scenes from when she was in school to starting her work as a negotiator. It is interesting if only because things mentioned are my actual history.

And, okay, it’s also a little interesting to see how she became who she is in the series.

But not too interesting… honestly I’m just waiting for the good part with a certain person I know is going to show up sooner or later in this book!

…told y’all it was short.

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StALeR 63 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 2)

We’re back!

Short, but sweet is what this will be, but I said I’d do an Atlantis post and an Atlantis post you shall have today!

Rodney and Daniel are investigating a suspected Alteran outpost with the team and things are going surprisingly well.

Not counting the evil ostriches trying to kill them.

Or the massive wild fire that almost roasted them.

Or the penguins that tried to eat them…

Other than those pesky details!

The two of them are being downright cordial to each other.

Thing is, we don’t really know why Rodney dislikes Danial so much. It does feel like a Rodney thing though. Like there’s something Daniel did to make him unlikeable.

During their investigation of the site (after the aforementioned setbacks) they discover it’s actually an Asgard site and not Alteran. It also looks like the machines control the weather on the planet.

The two snipe back and forth during the whole thing when Daniel finally just asks why Rodney doesn’t like him.

Apparently, while Rodney was at the SGC he got sent to Siberia after saying or doing something to make Sam mad and Daniel asks if that’s why and assures Rodney he had nothing to do with that.

Rodney doesn’t say it, because he has trouble actually talking about those kinds of things (and after just being dumped by his girlfriend I’m guessing he’s not too willing to open up to someone at the moment) he does, thankfully for us, think about the reason.

Turns out, Rodney doesn’t like who he was back then. He likes who he’s become. He likes his team and his family and his friends because they’re part of why he is who he is now.

Daniel doesn’t just remind him of a time when he was a complete jerk, he talks about it because that’s the person he knew. Daniel doesn’t know Rodney anymore so he talks as if Rodney hasn’t changed.

Daniel isn’t doing it on purpose. He doesn’t even know he’s doing it, but that’s part of the problem because he treats Rodney like he always did and that’s why Rodney doesn’t like him.

If Daniel knew he’d stop, we know this already because that’s the kind of person he is.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember if that actually happens in this book…

Guess we’ll find out!

Bye for now, but look for the start of my Bible study posts going live either this week or next on Thursday’s!

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Craft completed update!!

I am so excited to share the finished product with everyone!!


I hand drew the book on front but used stencils for the letters and heart-with-leaves part. I didn’t actually have any letter stencils so I printed off the words and cut them out…

Didn’t look so good because the paint made the paper wet and stick to the wood. So whereas I didn’t technically hand write the letters, I did do quite a bit of cleanup on them.

The spine! This was the test for the paper stencil and where I found out it was a problem. It turned out pretty good though!

You would have noticed the gap in the last pic and you’ll see why here. I used pieces of fabric to secure the lid/cover to the main body of the book. I couldn’t find any small hinges made in the U.S. so tried this in lieu.

There are small magnets on the edges of the lid and the book ‘pages’ to keep the lid closed, but they aren’t too strong so I still have to be careful!

I’m hoping to find small hinges eventually and I’ll change it over soon as I do, because even though I used superglue on the fabric, it’s very fragile.

What my tiny books look like in their book bookshelf! Still room to grow and with Christmas coming I doubt it’ll take long.

For anyone wondering, yes, the stars do in fact glow in the dark. I tried getting a pic, but my camera isn’t quite good enough for that.

Trust me when I say it’s epic!!!

My book bookshelf next to a regular hardback for comparison. It is, of course, a little bigger, but I don’t mind.

Honestly, if I made it a tiny bit shorter it would be the same size as a fatter hardcover. One of those small tome sizes ya know?

It’s a little crooked, a little not perfect, and I absolutely love it!!

I learned a TON while making this and plan to make more wood projects in the future. Including a volume 2!

For now I shall let you go and see you next week!!

…or will I?

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Breaking hearts today…

Just got back (it’s 12:30am as I type this up) from a book convention that we drove to cause it was cheaper than flying.

Have an appointment at 8am to get Le Squee his annual checkup.

I’m going to sleep now and I pray everyone stays safe this week!

See ya next time!!

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StALeR 62 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 1)

Woot! I am back with Atlantis this week!

I was actually going to talk about a Lego set I bought, but my brother bought it off me for a Christmas present so I don’t get to tell y’all about it for several months now.

However, my loss (and when you hear about it you’ll understand!!) is y’all’s gain!

Let’s talk about ascension shall we?

Daniel Jackson has had a TON of experience with the entire process. Not that he’s necessarily been a willing participant or anything, but the experience is there.

This makes him the expert on the entire process and, not surprisingly, the go-to peep. Which means he’s really the only one McKay can talk to about the possibility of Weir having ascended.


Actually it’s not so much the ascending part as the descending part. Or the unascending part as it were.

When someone unascends they end up butt naked in a random place generally far from home.


As Daniel can attest, if you have a good peep helping you, they’ll put you somewhere you’ll be found by your people sooner or later.

This does happen to Weir, but the person who finds her is NOT who you expect!

But that’s for another post.

This post we’ll talk about the whole butt naked thing.


Because it’s actually fascinating.

Think about it (outside of the Alterans being drama fanatics) if someone got access to all this knowledge ascension brings, they can’t very well bring it back to their people. It could cause a heck ton of chaos in various ways.

(This actually happened with Anubis, but that’s an SG-1 post)

Suffice it to say that being naked, though incredibly awkward, works out well. You have no idea who you are and without a stitch on, you (and everyone else) don’t have many clues.

If I’m remembering correctly some things get “fixed” when you come back? I want to say Daniel had better eyesight and didn’t need his glasses after coming back but I could be misremembering.

Anyways, it would make sense because scars or tattoos would be identifiable and thus a no go.

So you end up naked and without memories.

Except when you have help. In those cases (see exhibit A: Daniel Jackson and exhibit B: Elizabeth Weir) you can access your memories very randomly and really only enough to help give you clues so you can find your people again.

It’s a sneaky loophole to the rules.

Since it works for our favorite peeps we shall allow it!

There’s more to it than that of course, but we’ll talk about it some more later.

See ya!

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Not the plan…

Guess who has a leak in a water pipe in the attic and the knob to turn it off is stuck?


I’ll talk to y’all next week. Don’t know what, but it’ll be something that hopefully has good news of some kind.

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Another crafty!

Don’t worry!

I am still reading ‘Unascended’, but working on my bookshelf too and to be honest, because of the Weir thing, my bookshelf is more fun…

I don’t want the first post for the book to be a half post so I’ll try and get a whole one written up for next week.

For now, more updates on the crafty!

Initially I wanted the background of the shelves to be a light color so the books could be better highlighted.

A lovely first coat!


I then, literally, woke up and realized I had an entire box full of glow in the dark stars I’ve been wanting to use but never had a project for them…

Guess who has a project now!

Even better is that I can try my hand at galaxy painting while I’m at it!

2 coats already on!

I also got the lid/cover going in a lovely metallic amethyst.

Ta da!

The outside of the bookshelf itself will be the same color of course, with text done in a Rose Pink paint. I have this really cool color changing top coat paint that I’ve never been able to get to work properly that I’m hoping will work this time.

It would go over the Rose Pink as the colors compliment each other.

In other news!

It’s finished!

My tiny things are all organized and labeled!!

I’m so happy!

Last thing before I go today. I have a coworker who collects Pokémon cards and gives away duplicates she doesn’t need. She’s given a TON away already to staff and to friends who work with kids.

I thought y’all would enjoy what she and her sister made up for staff.

Custom packs of cards!

They made sure to have one holographic in each pack and ten cards per pack. It was really sweet of both of them to take the time to do this and I wanted to give them a shout out (without names for privacy reasons) because it’s been over a decade since I’ve collected and it’s nice to get back into it!

All y’all stay safe and keep your heads up! You see a lot more stuff around you that way (speaking from experience) that’s worth seeing.