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About last week.

I ran out of time for submitting my next writing assignment, but was up until 12am trying to complete it. I asked for an extension and they were very gracious in giving me one.

I did get Act 2 written completely and submitted on Tuesday which was a relief, and I also went ahead and did Act 3 so I wouldn’t be in the same position this week.

However, this week I am suffering from the usual once a month joy and the fatigue is killing me.

My writing and reading are suffering because I just don’t feel like existing outside of sleep right now.

In case ya’ll are wondering what I meant by that, I mean I don’t like my writing. I don’t want to write and I don’t want to have to deal with thinking of what happens next. It’s a mess. At least in the reading front it isn’t so bad because I know my ambivalence is due to my period so I know to give an extra star to whatever rating I first think to give.

Anyways, I will certainly try and get an Atlantis post ready for next week. Fair warning though, I have two overnight inventories coming up and make no promises I’ll be cognizant enough to do any reading and posting.

I will try though!

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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