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Books, books, and more books!

Ever since quitting my part time job I have had nothing but time on my hands. Which is why I decided to read some of my backlog of books instead of finishing my reread of the Legacy series.

Having said that, I don’t intend to not finish the reread. I just have plans for my room and my year that include getting through my double stacked three shelf bookshelf.

Good news is that my family keeps picking books in series. I’ve read an entire shelf of books already and it’s only the sixth of February!

Bed news is that I haven’t been reading Legacy.

I have one more book left in a trilogy that my mother picked and then I’ll choose one myself and I’ll try to read the next Legacy book too.

The ultimate plan is to move my bed so that I have the wall space available for more bookshelves. Which I desperately need at this point.

This year may be more random life news than Stargate to be honest, but hopefully that won’t be too disappointing.

I am writing again though which is super exciting and I’m getting feedback for a short story I’m working on too!

I’m also working on getting through some crafty projects and I found a website that lets you make floor plans. I’m hoping to use it for planning out a good floor plan for if we ever get a chance (and the money tbh) to have a custom home built.

Say it with me now- two story library!

Until next week!

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