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A little Stargatey!?

Some of you may have noticed the Pyramid of Giza LEGO set from the other Christmas pics. I did get it done and was up until 2am doing it…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so no judging!

So cute how LEGO numbers the bags these days for plebs.
A real LEGO builder will take hours finding the right piece, but they shall prevail!!
You actually have to build the base. They don’t give you a LEGO plate to build on. I was pleasantly surprised at this.
I have to say I honestly didn’t think the water and sand colors would look good at this point. (Be honest too, neither do y’all)
Some foliage!
Some foliage and the inside of the pyramid!
Attaching the two was something of a trial because I had to build the base some pieces kept trying to come undone from the base itself. Frustration occurred.
The finished, beautiful, product!

I didn’t think to take pics of the building of the outside of the pyramid itself, but it’s pretty cool how they designed this set.

Of note, in case you’re wanting one, this is NOT an entire pyramid! It is half of a pyramid because the back shows the “inside” of the pyramid.


I don’t know who made this set but they know their stuff because if you buy a second set you can attach the two to make an entire pyramid!!

I told my brother about it (he’s the one who got it for me) and he said he’d buy me a second one too. I won’t get it until 2023 Christmas, but that’s okay.

SO much fun this Christmas and I have exciting plans for this year’s Christmas!!

On the writing front, I was accepted into the boot camp and got access to it yesterday. The first module I’ve almost completed, the character information always takes the longest for me it seems, but I have an entire week to get it done.

I am so excited for this class and I’ve already gotten feedback on it!!

I’ll keep y’all posted!


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