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Throwback to the good old days!

I must confess something…

I started watching Atlantis again.

And I regret nothing. Nothing I tell you!

I’m on episode two and you’d think after watching it so many times parts would become mundane or something, but I still laughed my butt off when Shepherd pushed McKay off the balcony.

The looks on peoples faces!

The look on Weir’s face! So dang hilarious, and then for Rodney to just jump up and be like ‘sup’?

Talking of looks – episode ones moment where Shepherd and O’Neill are in the helicopter getting ready to leave and O’Neill says he’s gonna be succinct and then just looks at Shepherd?!

And Shepherd says “that’s pretty succinct”? Great acting everybody!

I love it!

I’m not necessarily doing a new run through of the show, I’m still working two jobs, but every now and then when I’m eating supper and no one else is watching TV in the living room I turn it on for a bit.

As a heads up, next week won’t be an Atlantis post because I’ll be going up to Nashville to donate toys to Toys for Tots. Per my usual, I’ll have a post ready that’s about Toys for Tots and hopefully (if I remember to take them) some pics of the toys and drop off site.

Until then, stay healthy! Eat an apple (or grapes) and do some walking. Or biking. I like biking.


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