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StALeR 65 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 4)

I’m back!

Short again, but at least Atlantis!!

Or is it?!

So, the Genii. They’ve wanted to be the dominate human force in the galaxy since pretty much the first episode we saw them in.

Problem was that they didn’t have space travel other than the Stargate’s so they were limited.

When that changed, and Sheppard gave them the Alteran ship, they still weren’t the dominate force because they only had the one ship and they also had to contend with both Atlantis and the Travelers.

What do they do? They lie. Nothing we didn’t already know about them. The worse thing about it would be that people wouldn’t know otherwise since most civilizations aren’t advanced enough yet to have wide spread communication.

You’d think all would be lost and people would flock to be under the Genii’s protection, but thankfully that isn’t true.

One of the reasons is that the Genii are flipping egotistical like you wouldn’t believe. They think they’re better than everyone else and that everyone else should bow down.

Since the Pegasus galaxy has been dealing with the Wraith forever, you can imagine how much they don’t want to be in that position again.

It’s really gratifying to hear people talk about the Genii’s supposed ‘victory’ over Queen Death with a healthy dose of skepticism. Especially since Atlantis has been doing all the heavy work since they’re arrival and have only asked for food and safe places if needed.

The Genii want a monopoly on every planet. They can’t get it on Wraith held planets or places like Sateda and Athos. Places where people know what hides behind the Genii mask.

They’ll keep lying left and right so long as it benefits them, and then a little after just to be sure.

Sadly, we must continue dealing with them.

*le sigh*

Until next time!!

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