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StALeR 62 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 1)

Woot! I am back with Atlantis this week!

I was actually going to talk about a Lego set I bought, but my brother bought it off me for a Christmas present so I don’t get to tell y’all about it for several months now.

However, my loss (and when you hear about it you’ll understand!!) is y’all’s gain!

Let’s talk about ascension shall we?

Daniel Jackson has had a TON of experience with the entire process. Not that he’s necessarily been a willing participant or anything, but the experience is there.

This makes him the expert on the entire process and, not surprisingly, the go-to peep. Which means he’s really the only one McKay can talk to about the possibility of Weir having ascended.


Actually it’s not so much the ascending part as the descending part. Or the unascending part as it were.

When someone unascends they end up butt naked in a random place generally far from home.


As Daniel can attest, if you have a good peep helping you, they’ll put you somewhere you’ll be found by your people sooner or later.

This does happen to Weir, but the person who finds her is NOT who you expect!

But that’s for another post.

This post we’ll talk about the whole butt naked thing.


Because it’s actually fascinating.

Think about it (outside of the Alterans being drama fanatics) if someone got access to all this knowledge ascension brings, they can’t very well bring it back to their people. It could cause a heck ton of chaos in various ways.

(This actually happened with Anubis, but that’s an SG-1 post)

Suffice it to say that being naked, though incredibly awkward, works out well. You have no idea who you are and without a stitch on, you (and everyone else) don’t have many clues.

If I’m remembering correctly some things get “fixed” when you come back? I want to say Daniel had better eyesight and didn’t need his glasses after coming back but I could be misremembering.

Anyways, it would make sense because scars or tattoos would be identifiable and thus a no go.

So you end up naked and without memories.

Except when you have help. In those cases (see exhibit A: Daniel Jackson and exhibit B: Elizabeth Weir) you can access your memories very randomly and really only enough to help give you clues so you can find your people again.

It’s a sneaky loophole to the rules.

Since it works for our favorite peeps we shall allow it!

There’s more to it than that of course, but we’ll talk about it some more later.

See ya!

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