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It’s late

And I’m tired.

I also read 3 books that were most definitely not ‘Unascended’…


What’s really bad about that though is that I only really enjoyed one of the books.

The other two consisted of a young reader book that, for some ungodly reason, the author thought it was appropriate to have 12 yr old kids ‘being in love’ (nothing physically happened thank God!) and a contemporary romance where the author obviously had a checklist of things to make the book more ‘diverse’ or ‘acceptable’ (I really have no idea what the author was trying to do).

…I liked the kids one enough to try book 2 and I’ll try book 3 when it comes out, but I don’t read kids books for romance.


That should never even be a thing for that age group.

It’s why I haven’t read kids books in awhile.

As for the adult romance book. I would have enjoyed it if only one thing had been added from the checklist, but the sheer amount of unnecessary stuff was off putting.

It was too much and had the feel of being shoved down your throat in the guise of being ‘the new normal’. What’s sad is that it kept popping up and broke the flow of the story when it did.

Would have been a perfectly good romance if the author had stuck to what was relevant for the actual story and plot to move forward.


The young adult book is called “Blade of Secrets” and it’s by Tricia Levenseller and it’s FANTASTIC!!!

I loved this books so much and I’m SO glad book two (it’s only a duology) comes out end of the month!!

First time reading her books and I can say I’ll be trying her backlist now too she was so good!

So out of three books I only truly enjoyed one, but wow what a book!

Anyways! I’ll try to get something of Stargate read or watched for next week.

Laters peeps! (And try out Levenseller!)

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