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StALeR 58 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 8)

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy seeing secondary characters shine in these books.

Our newest archeologist (William Lynn for those who forgot) and a geologist (new to us too but I like her first appearance!) Claire Greensmith, track down Sheppard and ask him how they would become essential personnel.

Because only essential personnel are staying during the fight to come. Everyone else is being shipped back Earth side.

These two decided that Atlantis was too important to them to just leave it. I’m sure the majority of people felt the same but remember that quite a few people were added at the last second to boost numbers so Atlantis could get back to Pegasus.

How many other people went to their supervisors and asked the same question? How many talked to Carter? Or Radek?

I’ve always loved how Atlantis started as just another place to explore. Another potential safe guard to keep Earth safe from their enemies, but quickly became a home to so many people who felt they didn’t have anything left to keep them on Earth.

Atlantis was supposed to be a one way trip. The first group that went may never have had contact with Earth again.

They definitely made Atlantis home, and one they have no intention of letting get destroyed after everything else they’ve been through over the last few years!

I know it’s not very long again, but to be fair the interaction between the scientists and Sheppard wasn’t long either.

My family is also in the midst of finding a new home ourselves and I’m still not ready for my vacation writing bananza coming way too soon.

Anyways, I’ll see y’all next week!

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