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Not my fault…

Kind of but kind of not my fault?

I intended to upload a new Atlantis post for today but my laptop took over 30min to boot up.

However, I need sleep since I work the next 3 days in a row both places and I work 8 days in a row between the two. Which means I can’t wait for my laptop to load anything else.

I might see about posting it tomorrow instead or maybe just plan a big ‘I’m sorry for all the missed posts’ post.

In other news! I’ve asked for a little over two weeks off at the end of May and as soon as it’s approved I’ll see about my part time job. Presumably I’ll have vacation time by then so hopefully I can ask off both places.

Only thing left to do after that is get everything set up so all I have to do is write!

Exciting!! (Especially since I haven’t written in over a year and by May it’ll be a year and a half).

That’s all for this Monday. I’ll see everyone next week with a certain post I won’t mention since it seems like it never happens when I do.

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