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StALeR – Special Edition: Consort (Part 2)

I’m back with more Atlantis!

More or less, I suppose, since the story is very much before our Atlantis peeps arrive, but we shall over look that small detail.

Speaking of Snow!

We’ve only ever gotten small snippets about her from Guide and though we adore these snippets, having a look at the real deal is fabulous!

Snow isn’t a pushover and we can clearly see why Guide loved her and has a thing for a certain type of woman.

It’s not just the ‘Queen’ thing, it has to be a little more than that for him. Evidence is shown by his admiration of both Carter and Teyla. I don’t think he ever actually met Weir though… I’ll have to watch the episodes again to figure that out.

Such a hardship.

Back to Snow.

I like her. A good bit.

She’s a young Queen here who’s attracted a good number of young Wraith to her for new opportunities (according to Guide) and the chance to be something more than they were on their previous Hive’s.

Understandable of course.

What I like about her the most is that she isn’t one to sit back and let others do all the work. When we first see her it’s when Seeker (Guide’s cousin and friend) goes to tell her of Guide’s ‘plan’ to stop the Asurans. When he tells her the basics she’s intrigued, but not stupid enough to believe it’s that easy.

As we get to see things from Seeker’s perspective during this scene, he thinks about how if things were different they would have been friends as well as Clevermen together. Their questioning minds happiest to find the answers to problems plaguing their people and to find new things.

I like that she’s different from the other Queens. That she valued the Clevermen as she did and worked with them. What’s funny about this scene is that Seeker is being careful in how he tells her Guide’s plans, mostly because he doesn’t actually have a plan yet, and she (knowing her zenana) calls him out on it.

We’ll have to talk about the relationships next week because it’s so very good.

For now, we skip ahead to when Guide, Seeker, Spark and a few pilots are getting ready to leave for the Asuran home world. Instead of the expected Wraith Glisten, Queen Snow walks in.

I’m sure you can understand how upset this makes them. If anything happens to their Queen they have nothing.

But as Snow says, if the Hive lost them, the Hive would have no chance.

Apparently, a fun thing to find out, Snow is just as good with computers and programming as any other. Far from being a problem or weighing them down, she is in fact a great asset.

There’s a moment here that I’ll bring up next week between Guide and Snow, but for now we must skip ahead again to when they arrive at the planet.

The plan is for them to be dropped via culling beam in the city and make their way to the core. It works, quite well, and they get to the core and the program is uploaded but they’re discovered and get into a fight with Asurans.

They have to literally jump out of a window to safety. breaking several bones along the way, they nevertheless survive and wait to be picked up by the remaining dart. Unfortunately, as the pilot lands and tells them, the Asurans have raised their shields. The Wraith are trapped inside.

Snow insists that the least they can do is waste the Asurans time until the new code takes effect. Essentially, sacrificing themselves so the rest of their race can survive.

Guide, however, has a different idea. With Spark’s knowledge about the shield emitters, he once again scoops them up and makes a run to destroy one of the emitters to get free.

The gambit pays off and he’s able to get them all back to their Hive.

Queen Snow finally, after several years of not making the decision for good reason, finally chooses Masters of the Sciences Biological and Physical, (Seeker and Spark respectively), Hivemaster (her brother Seldom-Seen) and Consort (we all knew it would be Guide).

The entire time they’re on the Asuran homeworld she is right there with them. Fighting, helping to upload the code, watching their backs. She isn’t back on the Hiveship waiting for them to do all the work. She’s helping make sure they come back safe.

I like her because I don’t think many of the Queen’s we saw during the TV series wold have done the same. In the Legacy series we get to see younger Queen’s who are more likely to act like Snow did. Caring about their Hive’s and everyone on them enough to look for solutions outside of what’s always been done.

Death isn’t like that though, don’t think I’m advocating for her in this, she doesn’t care enough for the Wraith as a whole. It’s obvious in how she spoils feeding grounds, destroys supply planets, and breaks agreements between other Wraith Queen’s.

With that i shall leave this week. Next week I definitely want to talk more about the relationships between Snow and her zenana and the interplay between them as well.

It’ll be fun and I’ll see ya’ll then!

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