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StALeR 50 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 15)

Hello everyone!

I didn’t realize last week that this would be the 50th post since starting the Legacy series reviews. I was mostly concerned about the ‘Part 15’ part I wanted to get to before starting the next book.

Am I doing something special this week?


Mostly because I only realized this was the 50th review just now when I sat down to do this post. Hopefully I’ll remember the 100th review post and plan something special, but we shall see.

For this week however!

The first Wraith are worth taking another look at for this last review. When they woke as Wraith, whatever had been done to them had pretty much wiped their memories. Or at least a good portion of them. It’s the reason they took on new names that were based on their minds’ feel, because they couldn’t immediately remember their own names and then it became their thing. Separate from the Alterans and simply being ‘subjects’.

When Osprey gave Kairos his new name it was because of his mind. She knew his name still but chose to call him what he had become.

I wonder if his mind felt like ashes because that’s how he felt about the entire thing. The Alterans and their experiments. His part in them. All the dead he couldn’t save that shouldn’t have been lost to begin with.

There were one hundred men and one hundred women used in the tests. Ninety-one women died, and one man did leaving the Wraith to start with nine Queens and ninety-nine men who became Blades and Clevermen.

I wonder if they split in to equal bands?

We know that’s what they called themselves for the first long while. Until they created the Hiveships they used stolen Alteran technology ( and possibly other advanced society ships though I wonder how far the Alterans actually let anyone else get). We only really know about Osprey and some of the men who followed her because she’s where Teyla gets her Wraithiness from.

I kind of feel like it wouldn’t be an even split though. After all they had gone through I feel like some gravitated towards certain people they felt closer to or that they were more comfortable with and probably some moved around from band to band sharing information and such until they found their place.

What is interesting (and I wonder if it’s a typo) is that Teyla thinks about the timing of the Wraith and says it was eleven thousand years ago that they first became. Which would mean that the Old One is only one thousand years older then Guide is.

Which is still pretty old, but not so much for Wraith.

I can’t wait to get to the novella with Guide and Snow! It’s so cute and wonderful! Maybe, now that we’ve met his daughter, I should take a short break from Legacy proper and do a review of that story?

It would kind of fit in with the whole timing of Wraith history and all…

I have to end this post now because it’s getting long and getting late. I know it was kind of rambley, but I kept seeing things I’d missed the first few times I’d read it.

These books are WAY TOO GOOD!!

I’ll see peeps next week with either a Guide and Snow story or the next book in Legacy.

Till then!

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