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StALeR 48 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 13)

Let’s talk Rodney McKay a little bit shall we?

We love Rodney to pieces but he has problems. The fact that he’s part Wraith now isn’t necessarily the problem, so much that he doesn’t realize it’s a problem.

Rodney is incredibly self aware. We all know this and have even enjoyed when moments happened where he is honest with people about his faults (social in any case).

The whole Wraith thing though is still messing him up and in ways he doesn’t realize.

Take for example the end of the book here. The weapon that was made to kill all the Wraith is hidden by Sheppard, but Rodney (having overheard Sheppard’s thoughts about where he’d put it for safe keeping) believes that it’s too obvious.

So he takes it.

Now, he ‘hides’ it himself so it’s not such a bad thing, but in his thought process he is definitely imagining how delighted Alabaster would be with him if she found out he’d had the foresight to hide the weapon better.

He imagines what the the touch of her mind would feel like and that’s not good.

Rodney is still more Wraith than he’s willing to admit. Too afraid his friends will turn on him to see the problems.

This particular incident causes some issues later, but that’s another post for the next book.

I think next week I’ll talk about O’Neill and Guide cause boy was that hilarious!

For me anyways.

See ya!

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