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Quick update!

I forgot to mention that the Stargate RPG Manual is almost ready!!

I’m so excited and looking forward to my stuff arriving. It would be cool if it arrived for Christmas but the production and shipping issues are still a thing.

I’m just glad they got final approval and things are moving forward again!!

In other news!

I got $5 in tips my first week at my second job! Might not seem like a lot, but I only worked 6 hrs for that week and I’ve worked far more than that this time. To say I’m excited to see how much I get this week is an understatement.

I mean, I’m not saying I took this job for the tips, but I’m also not saying I didn’t. (It’s really just a nice bonus that I look forward to every week and I plan on counting my tips on my birthday as a fun thing to do because I like counting money!)

Obviously this isn’t an Atlantis post, I will get one for next week, because my schedule this week is outside my availability but due to a situation they needed the extra (early) help and so I said I could work it.

After this though I really can’t work outside the agreed upon hours because I don’t get enough sleep between jobs to be safe. Thankfully! My part time boss is really nice and said it wouldn’t be an issue and thanked me for letting him know.

Next week should be Atlantis again but until then, I think I’ll put the Stargate SG-1 novels on my Christmas list…

See ya!

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