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A good excuse this week…

I can explain, I swear.

When I sat down to make this weeks post the computer I was using wouldn’t connect to the internet. Since I was also watching my two dogs I decided to just write something else and do a post later.

Later is now and I am tired and, as usual, need to sleep because I (thankfully) have several days this week at my part time job. So, more money, but way more tired.

As an apology I thought I’d post a link to a one-shot I wrote (apparently back in 2017) that I found while looking for something to write when I couldn’t make the original post.

It’s not edited so definitely one of those I just wrote whatever and it’s not bad, but it’s not what I usually write these days. It’s fun re-reading old work because I get to see how far I’ve come and with fanfic I can experiment.

Which is why I have 6 pages of entirely new fanfic that I’m pretty excited about working on. I won’t upload until it’s done so I can guarantee it won’t be left undone but if you go to my works there’s one other from Torchwood I’ve put up on AO3.

The thing with this new fic is that the way I’m writing is pretty cool and I may try writing a short story in the format. See how it goes ya know?

I’ll get back to Atlantis next week!

Until then, hopefully you enjoy the randomness of the fic.

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