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StALeR 34 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 11)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578

Wraith relationships, take 2!

…actually, I may have to go back and see what number this is because it’s probably more than a ‘take 2’ situation.


We’re just going to jump right in.

Guide and Teyla have a long talk that starts off not so good.

Teyla needs sleep, but isn’t keen on letting her guard down on a ship full of Wraith, so Guide says he’ll keep watch while she gets some rest.

Teyla’s fear that she’ll wake up with him on top of her leaks through and his reaction is of total revulsion and abhorrence, though it takes a bit to convince her of that enough to let him stay.

Apparently, to force yourself on a Wraith Queen is something so evil amongst the Wraith that any who would dare would be cast out and never allowed on a Hive again.

A death sentence, but longer and worse because they don’t do well alone.

Now, Guide likens humans to animals because of this (he does that quite a bit in this book actually), but when Teyla asks if rape is unheard of in their culture, he has to admit that amongst blades it does happen.

First thing – because of other books we know that not all Wraith females are Queen’s (though that was in a much earlier book that was read between the episodes so it’s possible they were still working on canon and decided later that didn’t fit so ignored it, but I like to think not all Wraith females are Queen’s because it would make more sense) so you’d think it would beg the question whether it wasn’t as much of a ‘sin’ if a non-Queen female, or a male, were raped.

The answer would be no.

Guide admits that it happens, but he isn’t happy about it. It could be because he doesn’t want to admit that the Wraith could act in such a ‘bestial’ manner as humans or it could be because he’s repulsed by the idea altogether.

Either way, it’s one more way Wraith and humans are alike. A not so good comparison this time, but I think a needed one. So far, they’ve each been able to see how they are alike but in an almost case by case basis as if to keep themselves distant from the realization as long as possible.

Guide even thinks about how he doesn’t feel like feeding on Keller and how it’s no doubt due to ‘knowing her name’. Once something has a name, it’s hard to put it back into a box of ‘insignificant’.

Second – Teyla points out that Guide desires her despite his protest to the contrary. Constantly reading his thoughts has let her in on that little nugget often enough.

Thing is, it’s not necessarily her as a person.

Guide explains that the Queen’s are special. Born different. Above. They are what the Wraith sacrifice for and happily. It’s most likely bred into them and as it’s such a part of their culture, definitely not something easily, if ever, broken free of.

Except for Guide.

Teyla wonders how it is that Guide is able to resist Death’s allure seemingly easily. His response is that Death isn’t his Queen. Since Teyla isn’t either (technically) and she points this out, he tells her of Snow.

Teyla can’t help but feel how much he loved Snow and admits to not knowing if she believes they actually can feel those emotions. (this scene is kind of ridiculous to me because you literally just felt it from the man himself!? How can you still be unsure about the Wraith having those kinds of feelings!)

Moving on, I wonder if Teyla knows about Alabaster? If it’s something she’s seen in his mind before?

I want to say no. I feel like that’s something he keeps buried very deep for his own peace of mind.

Having said all that, I really need to get going because this is even longer than last weeks.

We may continue next week, but I’m not quite sure what I want to talk about so we shall see.

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