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StALeR 32 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 9)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578


So last week I let ya’ll know that I had finished my 3rd reading of ‘The Furies’.

That doesn’t mean that the posts for that book are done though, don’t worry, it just means that I am onto the next book.

There is still a whole bunch of stuff I want to talk about for this one.

Let’s start with more Wraith things for this post and we’ll see what happens shall we?

We all know how Wraith get their names and how they can evolve over time as the person does. One particular Wraith we meet briefly is called Heedless.

Heedless is apparently quite fond of explosives and has, several times, blown fingers off that had to regenerate. Twice his entire off-hand fell victim to his experiments and he’s now forbidden to do such research while on a Hive.

I like this entire exchange between Rodney and Heedless because it once again makes us see the Wraith as people.

Rodney notes that Heedless, as the conversation goes on, is obviously embarrassed as he tells his story and, had he been human, probably would have been very red at certain points.

Heedless is obviously passionate about his work to have gone through so many regenerations and continued. Showing that the Wraith can be just as determined to succeed as humans.

Technically a group for this next one, but it’s pretty dang funny.

Teyla, as Steelflower, joins Guide and his men when they go to meet with Death near the end of the book.

(We all know it’s a trap, but the good guys are planning on trapping the trappers.)

When Teyla first arrives on a planet to be taken up to the Hiveship, she’s met by an Honor Guard.

Being Teyla she plays her part well and one of the Wraith, Swiftripen, manages to get himself an invitation to sit next to her on the way to the Hive. What’s funny is that one of his brothers-in-arms, Gamester, rolls his eyes behind Swift’s back and another, Sable, grimaces.

Apparently it’s a very Swift thing to do and the others are used to it.

I have to wonder if Teyla was keeping track of their thoughts and had to try and not laugh at this. It’s a very normal team thing to do and SGA-1 acts like that on occasion too.

Every time we get to see a tiny snippet more about the Wraith, the more I like them.

Now, before I sign off, I should mention that I think the next book delves deeper into the origins of the Wraith. ‘The Furies’ tantalizes us with an idea of how they came to be, and for those reading along you’ve probably figured it out by now too, but the pleasure is in the telling and so we read on!

I’ll see everyone next week where I think I’ll talk about Wraith babies…

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