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Christmas in February!!

Yay! We celebrated Christmas last Friday and I wanted to show everyone what I got!


As you can see I received a ton of books and crafty things.

Initially I had far more books on my list but my siblings complained that that’s all they get me so I added crafty things too.

The two ‘Tiny World’ craft kits are for soap and crochet this time. I know the polymer clay one was extremely fun to do and I adored the outcome so I’m really looking forward to making these.

Now, the eraser one is a little different. I’m intrigued by the concept and have been for some time (since I saw them at work), however, I’ve heard that the fumes are really bad. I’ll probably wait to do that one until it’s warmer outside and I have one of those toaster ovens that I can plug into an extension cord and use on the porch.

The books seem to be an even match between ones I needed to complete series’ I love and new books I haven’t read yet!

You’ll notice the two Stargate novellas on top. I’ll be doing posts on them even though they aren’t Atlantis based. Unless I’ve missed something they should be the last of the novellas I needed.

I will be working that lovely galaxy puzzle with my mama and it’s a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. We’d started a 2000 piece wolf one but didn’t get too far. It was much larger than we’d worked on before and started to become a chore and not fun so hopefully this one will be more exciting!

Of course, you’ve all noticed the care items (Kleenex, toothpaste, etc…) they are mostly small and I am so happy I got them because I’ve been meaning to make a car box of such things for emergencies. God willing I won’t have any emergencies outside of bad breath, but I like small things and this gives me an excuse to splurge while also being helpful.

Last but not least! Resin!!

I received a heat gun (for popping those pesky bubbles without burning the silicone), 2 bottles of 100grams UV resin (considering all I made with a 20gram bottle you understand why I’m excited about these titans!), a new UV light which is supposed to be a higher wattage so hopefully it’ll cure faster, and 2 really cool kits I saw at Hobby Lobby!

One is for a bullet journal and the other is for charms and pendents. The molds that come with them are a big reason I wanted the kits. They were only $20 a piece and since they came with resin, pigments, and utensils for the making of, it was a far better deal than buying separately.

I LOVE using UV resin but I’m new so haven’t figured out exactly what I like making with it so these will help, I think, figuring out if I’m a big project person or small…

Probably small.

The only thing is that the kits use 2 part resin but that’s a good thing too since I’ll get to see how that works and how difficult it is compared to UV.

That’s all for this week. I’m incredibly tired from work and noticed that I will have worked 19 days in a row between my full and part time jobs. This Tuesday will be the 19th day and depending on if you count an overnight that ends at 1:30am to be a work day, then the count goes ever higher.

Next week, back to Atlantis and probably the first week in April I’ll do my KOSAL review because y’all! That book was SO good!!

Until then, keep shining!

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