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StALeR 17 – Legacy: Allegiance (Part 2)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Allegiance

SGA #18

ISBN: 9781905586561

Speaking of Ronon (which we totally weren’t but are about to) that dude has a lot to deal with too!

Hello everyone, welcome back!

As you will no doubt surmise, the next few reviews will be character based because why not (okay, it’s because we get so much cool stuff and I want to rant about it), but before that I wanted to let everyone know that the Kickstarter for the Stargate RPG has ended with SO MANY stretch goals reached it’s amazing and awesome!

I’ll be posting more about it later on as I get news and will definitely post pictures of my book when it arrives, but that won’t be until April 2021 and it’s subject to change if anything happens. Until then! If I somehow finish the reviews for the Legacy series before then (not gonna happen, let’s be real here) I plan on doing other book reviews between reviews of entire series’ I’ve loved and enjoyed over the years.

I also plan on posting some exciting news before the end of the year, so keep tuned to my non-Stargate posts too!

Without further ado-

I can never state just how much I love these books for the insights and extra time we get with secondary characters. Even though Ronon isn’t a secondary character, we really don’t get too much about him in the series.

Enough to be satisfied and to fill plot holes and such, but of everyone on Team 1 he’s the one we know the least about.

Until the books!

We know that Sateda was laid to waste by the Wraith not long ago and that there are still Satedan’s out there because we’ve run into them. However, unlike everyone else, Ronon never gets to go back home because the only time he did was because he was captured by the Wraith and made into a runner again.

Not good times.

During that incident the Stargate was shot and Ronon assumed it was destroyed. In ‘Allegiance’ we get a flashback to a down-time situation where Ronon, Teyla and Rodney are talking about Ronon’s gun and if there are more on Sateda. This is when we find out Ronon and Teyla thought the gate lost for good and Rodney tells them that short of a nuclear blast the Stargate’s are pretty indestructible.

Side note!

          Anyone else find it vastly amusing that the highly advanced, greatly vaunted Alteran’s built the Gate’s to be indestructible and yet we little Earth humans found a way to destroy them? And with the equivalence of dynamite no less? I don’t think too many of them would be happy to know that such an inferior people continued to find ways around their life’s work.

The only way to know for sure why the Gate won’t dial anymore is to go there, but they would have to convince Colonel Caldwell to take them on the Daedalus and it would have to be for a reason better than wanting to make Ronon feel better.

Rodney comes to the rescue and suggests that Ronon tell Shepard the whole thing and suggest that they go back to see if they can find more Satedan guns. Neither Ronon nor Teyla believe any would be left after so long, but Rodney insists that the mere excuse would be enough to convince higher-ups.

It did and the Satedan Stargate is put to rights.

Which brings us to this book and our peeps back on Sateda.

Only, it’s pretty different from the one they’d left.

Someone has obviously been cleaning and fixing things up. Turns out quite a few Satedan’s have come back home and plan on staying. Regardless of the Wraith and the chance that they could be attacked again.

Ronon is pretty unsure about the whole thing. He wants to believe that Ushan Cai, the current appointed leader of the Satedan’s, is a good peep who just wants to do what’s right for Sateda and its people. Unfortunately, as we know, his experiences with other Satedan’s hasn’t been the best recently so…

Ushan Cai is a good peep, I’ll tell you that now because it’s important, but the Genii make him look bad for a bit.

Yes, the little buggers are back…again.

Cai is happy to deal with Atlantis and they quickly negotiate terms for Atlantis to take titanium from Sateda so they can make an old-fashioned iris. (if you’re a little confused about why Atlantis would need one it’s because Quicksilver led the Wraith through the Stargate and stole the ZPM so they have no shield now).

While waiting on their first trip to Sateda for Zalenka and Teyla to do their things, Ronon sees that the Satedan Museum is still standing and remembers that it held Alteran artifacts that they might find useful.

SO back to Sateda they go to talk new terms with Cai who is happy to let them take whatever they want so long as they let the Satedan’s know what the item was and what it does. That kind of a thing.

It’s a really generous offer that I don’t remember any other people giving the Lanteans before, but it does make sense. The Satedan’s have no use for the items because they have none of the technology to make it work and weren’t advanced enough to jury-rig it like Earth had. Additionally, the attack set them back pretty badly technology-wise and so getting help from Atlantis to rebuild Sateda is worth the loss of items they could never use.

The other reason for letting them explore the museum is because the Genii, led by one pain-in-the-butt Sora, have ‘claimed’ Sateda as their own. Cai wants them gone but the people who returned to Sateda are farmers, businessmen, and such. So far no military Satedan’s have returned so they have no defense against the Genii.

Cai and the others were too ashamed to tell Ronon because they know about him and his reputation killing the Wraith, so Cai made it very easy for them to run into the Genii.

Ronon feels betrayed again until he gets the whole story and then feels like they need to help. If only because what he Genii are doing is wrong.

Everyone agrees by the way, but since they are technically still allied with the Genii, Shepard can’t just send Marines through to take Sateda back and throw the Genii out.

He also kind of needs them on Atlantis in case Rodney leads more Wraith there so ya know.

A few final thoughts before getting on with our week-

This is an indication of things to come in regards to the Genii and Atlantis in the future. The Genii want to be the heavy hitters of the Galaxy, but can’t compete with Atlantis. It gets good ya’ll!

Also, I leave it here because it’s once again a very long post and I’m sure ya’ll have other things to do today.

So, have fun, stay safe and don’t forget to vote! (I early voted already and have the sticker to prove it!)

See ya!

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